These are possibly the last KRT decorations for the Kawasaki Ninja. It's time to enjoy them

For a long time, the family Ninja has stood out not only for its technology and exquisite design, but also for its characteristic KRT color livery. In fact, the iconic green color symbolizes the climax of performance with respect to the Japanese firm. Now, Kawasaki has announced a major style update for 2025, maintaining the classic green color, but with more diverse coatings.

This renewal covers most of the high-performance models, including the Ninja ZX-10R, ZX-6R and ZX-4RR. In fact, all frames will be updated for the upcoming season with the KRT Edition livery. The color base remains the classic paint, while gold, white and black are used as visual details and extensions for accessories. It is noticeably visible that the lines are more classic and there are fewer nominative brand embellishments.

Is this the end, for now, of the Ninja KRT livery?

On the other hand, the original lime green color of the ZX-10RR has unexpectedly changed to matte gray, as an option. And this color combination is much more discreet and has improved its visual impact, giving the frame an elegance worthy of mention. The classic Ninja 650 It's also updated in KRT style and features three new colors, including a vibrant, punchy orange. Color already used by the firm previously.

However, we know that, in the future, Kawasaki will no longer participate in the WSBK World Superbike Championship as a factory team. This means that the KRT style, which has become the symbol and spiritual essence of the Japanese brand, will come to an end. Of course, we do not know how long they will maintain this color scheme on the machines available in dealerships. Everything will depend on the future commercial efforts of Kawasaki.

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Kawasaki Ninja 2025

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