They run out of brakes on their motorcycle and end up on top of a house

Running out of brakes on your motorcycle is one of the biggest setbacks there can be. Personally, I have always said that the important thing for me on a motorcycle was not so much what it ran but what it braked. In fact, as I said before, running out of brakes in any vehicle was, for a time and after a scare on the track, something recurring for me.

Fortunately, with the passage of time that fear had disappeared. In the last 15 years I have not run out of brakes. And when I’m on the track and they start to get tired, or even if I’ve had problems, I’ve been able to identify them and I haven’t had nightmares again… At least for the moment.

So amazing that it seems unbelievable: without brakes, on top of the house and unharmed

And from Indonesia we hear the case of two women who lost brakes on their motorcycle and ended up on the roof of a house. According to the information coming from the Asian country, both were driving normally when the problem appeared, they could not stop and after jumping between the earth and the house they ended up embedded in the roof of the house.

Fortunately, everything was a scare despite the flight, the impact against the roof and the fact that neither of the two occupants of the motorcycle were wearing helmets. And in Indonesia the use of a motorcycle helmet is mandatory, but in practice not many users use it.

In this case the couple has been lucky and now they have an anecdote to tell, even though everything could have ended in disaster. If the motorcycle had not been traveling at sufficient speed, instead of ending up on the roof, they would have fallen between the gap between the slope and the wall, and would have hit the wall of the house. So, looking at it closely, it was even lucky to run out of brakes…

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