Can’t you put a ball on the car for towing? This invention interests you

“I’ve never seen anything like that! What is this?” With other words and some swear words, that’s what the person who recorded the video says and what we think. We know that there are many different ways to transport the motorcycle (trailer, van, carrier…), but the invention we are seeing is totally new for us.

To get down to business, we went to the United States, a country in which the laws regarding vehicles and driving conditions are very different. There is no ITV there and the rules to comply with so that a vehicle can move legally have nothing to do with it. There are even places where motorcycles without motocross license plates can legally circulate in the countryside, as long as they do not ride on asphalt.

That already gives us a bit of background to see that there are many variations with respect to important aspects, and there is also a difference in the world of towing. In fact there, with their large trucks they pull trailers that here we would hardly see them in a truck.

Is it a trailer or is it not a trailer?

But with all that, seeing how instead of a trailer the motorcycle is taken tied to the back of a Ford Mustang not only surprises us, but it also surprises even the locals. It draws the lady’s attention to such an extent that, as we said at the beginning, while she is recording she lets out all kinds of expletives.

Perhaps the very American saying of “It’s not stupid if it doesn’t work” can be applied in part, although what we have to see is how long it was able to operate before the motorcycle ended up coming loose, or if it managed to reach its destination.

If we look as closely as the video allows us, we see that the main fastening straps are joining the motorcycle chassis with, we want to believe, part of the car chassis. Then, the excess straps return forward, passing through the mirrors to which they are tied.

But everything can give an extra twist and that is that the front wheel is in the air through a support that, logically, will attach it to the car. With all this, you avoid using the trailer or, at least, a conventional trailer because in the end it is a type of trailer.

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