This brutal XSR900 GP pays tribute to Randy Mamola in the best possible way

The last work of Yard Built has just seen the light. On this occasion, the project has focused on a Yamaha XSR900 GP that has been transformed into the image and likeness of the mythical YZR500 WGP from the year 87 piloted by Randy Mamola, the North American legend. Of course, the color scheme evokes the epic Lucky Strike livery. Without a doubt, a real beauty.

The YZR500 from 1987 (0W86), which inspired this design of yamahawas the motorcycle with which Eddie Lawsonwith the number 1, won five races in Marlboro colors, and Randy Mamola, wearing the number 3, won three races in Lucky Strike colors. This competition machine had a mechanical heart with 4 cylinders in V, a 2-stroke cycle and 499 cc. It generated a maximum power of 148 HP.

How was the Yamaha XSR900 GP Randy Mamola born?

The theme of the project for this 2024 season of Yard Built was “Let's go back to the paddock«. And clearly with this yamaha of the latest generation recreating the motorcycle Chuck, the spirit has been more than fulfilled. Only with Lucky Strike colors and an optional genuine lower fairing, a complete fairing is achieved. In addition, the rear seat cover greatly increases the feeling of a racing motorcycle.

The fuel tank has been transformed from stock white to red, and the original Marlboro paint has been changed to Lucky Strike, with additional striping as appropriate. The final touch includes the motto «Faster Sons” rather “Lucky Strike«. By the way, this custom job could be a factory color option for next year. Hopefully.

Yamaha XSR900 GP Randy Mamola Yard Built

The interesting thing is that even with the headlights and other safety parts installed, the bike maintains a very similar appearance to that of a racing machine. The small LED headlights made specifically for this purpose are impressive.

By the way, the Yamaha XSR900 GP Randy Mamola Yard Built will be displayed at the Wheels & Waves event, which will take place in Biarritz, in the south of France, from June 12 to 16. It is not too far from our places.

Yamaha XSR900 GP Randy Mamola Yard Built

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