This Citroën 2 CV now has a BMW Boxer engine, and it fits like a glove

It is not the first time that we see a restomod carried out on a Citroën 2 CVnor is it new that it equips an engine BMW boxer. Perhaps this combination is really balanced, given that the power emanating from the everlasting German bloc does not translate into stratospheric figures that the French utility cannot digest.

On this occasion, thanks to the colleagues at Ride Apart we have discovered the YouTube channel Practical Performance Car, dedicated to showing interesting preparations and where its creators Will Holman and Ben Allen, enjoy like children every time they meet people like Rob, owner of this Citroën 2 CV.

Citroën 2 CV restomod in detail

As explained in the video, one day Rob thought of revitalizing his Citroën 2 CV with an old BMW R 1150 engine that he had in his garage. At first glance the idea seemed crazy, but thanks to different forums and people specialized in the subject, he managed to bring his project to fruition. To give a spicy touch to the iconic German mechanics he installed a Power Commander.

Initially, the well-known German twin-cylinder offers around 95 HP of power, although with “the spark” that Rob has given him it is not very clear how much this figure would have increased. Beyond performance data, there is no doubt about the attractiveness of this Citroën 2 CV restomod.

Basically, because its owner decided to keep the rest of the car original, including the patina produced by its more than half a century of life. This is not an obstacle to being able to use this beautiful Citroën 2 CV as a utility vehicle on a daily basis, since we are not facing a radical preparation of the style of others that we have shown you on the channel previously.

Citroën 2 HP with BMW Boxer engine A balanced restomod for everyday life

When Will Hollman finally takes the controls of this Citroën 2 CV equipped with a BMW boxer engine, he declares: “Well, that's a little more agile than standard!”. It must be, since going from the original 29 HP to the more than likely 100 current HP should be immediately noticeable once we put the pedal to the metal.

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