This Orox ebike is a beast of work and range. It will allow you to go as far as you want

This ebike is a hybrid between an urban electric bicycle, a trekking bicycle, a mountain bike and an all-terrain car. Together with its extraordinary autonomy and load capacity, the Orox in one of the best ebikes you can get on the marketand in an ideal machine to undertake great adventures.

We are talking about the Orox adventure cargo bike, one of the latest designs from the prestigious Tern brand, which has incorporated a pair of powerful Bosch motors backed by a fixed battery and other portable ones. With all this, you can achieve an autonomy that until now was out of the reach of off-road ebikes. Also has a structure that allows carrying loads equivalent to the trunk of a small car.

Orox: 322 kilometers of autonomy

This bike can be used perfectly in cities, although we are only going to see it unfold its full potential off paved roads and on long journeys, thanks to its equipment in terms of motors and batteries.

Orox has a Bosch Performance CX central traction motor for pedal assistance, with which it can comfortably reach 25 km/h, the maximum speed allowed for these vehicles in most European countries. This motor is combined with or powered by an 800 Wh battery, with which it can achieve a range of 161 km. This way, you can carry 322 with dial batteries: one in the frame and one at the base of the saddle.

cargo ebike

It also has a GX belt transmission and a 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub. Another option is to choose a model with a chain drive with a 12-speed Shimano Deore XT gear set.

The bike uses a Bosch Kiox 300 display, which works with a Bluetooth-connected mobile app. This makes it intuitive and easy to access navigation, GPS tracking and alarm system, among other functions.

cargo ebike

With the capacity of a beast of burden

The Orox has another feature that significantly differentiates it from other bicycles, which is its carrying capacity. With a 6061 aluminum middle frame and a built-in tow bar, compatible with different trailer hitches, This bike alone can carry loads in cities of up to 210 kg (including the weight of the driver), and up to 180 kg on trails and off-road paths.

For tires, we can choose between the Schwalbe Johnny Watts with a width of 4 inches, or the Vee Snowball with 27.5 inch spikes. You can also choose 29-inch options, in the case of electric cargo bikes, with 2.6-inch wide tires.

Price and other features

You can add other accessories to this bike, such as saddlebags, luggage racks, a storm shield, and even a dog carrier. And although it is a recreational bicycle, we must not forget that it has also been designed and intended to be used as a cargo and work bicycle. Orox will begin arriving in bike shops in Europe and the United States in early Apriland will have an approximate price of 6,799 euros and 7,444 dollars.

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