Triumph 400X “Diabolus Scrambler” by K-Speed

The excellent reception of the new 400 cc range launched by Triumph with its Speed ​​400 and the Scrambler 400 “Diabolus Scrambler” work of the Thai coach K-Speed.

A project in which the British brand itself gave him, completely free of charge, a copy of each of its two innovative models so that he could create something really special with them.

Under this request, Eak and his team got to work shaping this “Diabolus Scrambler” and a second customization carried out on the Speed ​​400 which they have named “Diabolus Tracker”. Two different preparations, but with the same spirit, in which K-Speed ​​puts his personal stamp in every corner of each of them.

Triumph 400X “Diabolus Scrambler” in detail

From the first moment this specialist was clear about the philosophy that would permeate this “Diabolus Scrambler”. To do this, it uses different Offroad cutting elements with which it visually and dynamically improves this preparation. Among the most important changes carried out we highlight:

Triumph 400X "Diabolus Scrambler" by K-Speed

  • New Offroad fenders
  • New rear handle
  • New Offroad license plate holder
  • New side covers
  • New seat with specific upholstery
  • Upper protective cover on the fuel tank
  • Combination of black and matte gray in the color scheme
  • complete exhaust system
  • Side thermal protectors
  • New headlight and protective grille
  • Instrument panel repositioning

As we see, the changes made in this Triumph 400X “Diabolus Scrambler” They have been carefully selected. With them the aim is to improve the dynamic behavior of the motorcycle, but without losing the versatility offered by the series model.

Triumph 400X "Diabolus Scrambler" by K-Speed

In addition, the engine has remained unchanged and only an additional exhaust system has been included. This not only improves visually. Also in the sound, thanks to the new silencer that emerges from the upper part of its side.

Both preparations, according to the friends of Pipe Burn who wrote a complete article about this “Diabolus Scrambler”will be exposed from March 27 to April 7 at the Bangkok International Motor Show. A unique way to enjoy the work you have done K-Speed in any of them.

Triumph 400X "Diabolus Scrambler" by K-Speed

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