Triumph reveals its new Rocket 3 Storm R and GT, now more powerful, agile and darker

With a massive 2,458 cc engine, the Rocket 3 Storm R and GT take a significant leap in terms of performance, now delivering an impressive 182 HP at 7,000 rpm, an increase of 15 HP compared to its predecessors. Engine torque has also experienced a notable increase, reaching a maximum of 225 Nm at 4,000 rpm, guaranteeing explosive acceleration and unparalleled response in all gears.

To further improve its maneuverability, Triumph has redesigned the wheels of the new Rocket 3 Storm, equipping them with a sleek ten-spoke cast aluminum design. This change not only reduces unsprung mass, but also improves steering response on the move, adding an extra touch of agility to this road beast.

In terms of design, the Rocket 3 Storm takes the concept of darkness to another level. Inspired by the success of the Rocket ‘Black Edition’, these new models feature an even more sinister and seductive color combination, complemented by high-quality black finishes that elegantly highlight every detail.

In addition, the Rocket 3 Storm meets the most demanding environmental standards by exceeding the requirements of the Euro 5b regulation, thanks to its liquid cooling system and its efficient fuel consumption.

Paul Stroud, Commercial Director of Triumph, expresses the brand’s commitment to excellence: “With more than 18,000 units sold globally since the launch of the 2.5-liter engine in 2019, we know riders appreciate the Rocket’s commanding presence and impressive performance. That’s why we’ve raised the bar even higher with the new Rocket 3 Storm R and GT, offering unrivaled performance, improved agility and even darker, more captivating style on the road.”.

In short, the Rocket 3 Storm represents the culmination of years of Triumph innovation and engineering expertise, delivering an unrivaled riding experience that will leave an indelible mark on the world of performance motorcycles.

Triumph Rocket 3 Storm, new cycle part

Triumph Rocket 3 Storm 2024

To maximize the potential of the Rocket and ensure optimal control along with agile handling, Triumph has equipped the Rocket 3 Storm with cutting-edge suspension and braking technology.

In the suspension department, the Rocket 3 Storm features a Showa rear shock with piggy-back reservoir, fully adjustable for compression, rebound and preload. Complementing this, the 47mm Showa fork offers similar adjustments in rebound and compression, ensuring precise and comfortable response in various riding conditions.

In terms of braking, the Rocket 3 Storm is equipped with Brembo Stylema radial brake calipers at the front, combined with dual 320mm discs. These lightweight and compact high-performance calipers ensure excellent heat dissipation and impressive stopping power, ideal for maintaining control in demanding situations. At the rear is a Brembo M4.32 4-piston monobloc radial caliper, along with a 300mm disc, providing solid and reliable braking performance.

Rocket 3 Storm, the design taken to another level

Triumph Rocket 3 Storm 2024

The Rocket 3 Storm stands as the epitome of luxury and precision, carefully designed down to the smallest detail to offer an unparalleled premium experience. From the intake cover with its black powder-coated finish to the hydroformed exhaust manifolds, every component of these machines has been precisely selected to enhance their dark and distinguished aura.

In addition to its impeccable aesthetics, the Rocket 3 Storm is equipped with high-quality black anodized finishes on elements such as the subframe, swingarm guard, fork, seatpost, risers, handlebar clamps, cranks, trims of the seat, footrests, pedals, levers and side stand. This attention to detail not only enhances its appearance, but also underlines its quality and durability.

To light the way in style, the Rocket 3 Storm features Triumph’s distinctive dual LED headlights with triangular shield and daytime running lights (DRL). In addition, they have LED equipment in the turn signals, taillight and license plate light, creating a distinctive light pattern that highlights their presence on the road.

Triumph Rocket 3 Storm 2024

When it comes to technology, the Rocket 3 Storm is packed with rider-oriented features that improve both performance and safety. From cornering-optimized ABS and traction control to ride modes with different acceleration maps and intuitive cruise control, these bikes offer unparalleled control in any situation.

The electronic throttle system and high-performance gearbox ensure smooth and precise response, while the electronic cruise control and keyless system provide additional comfort and safety. Additionally, the full-color TFT instrument panel offers a sleek, easy-to-read interface, allowing riders to personalize their driving experience to their preferences.

In short, the Rocket 3 Storm not only represents the pinnacle of performance and style in the motorcycle world, but also offers an unparalleled riding experience, backed by cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail.

Two variants for the Rocket 3 Storm

Triumph Rocket 3 Storm 2024

The Rocket 3 Storm offers two variants, each with its own distinctive ergonomics to suit different riding styles. The Rocket R features a sportier riding position, with a handlebar positioned for optimal control and a direct connection to the bike. On the other hand, the Rocket GT offers a slightly more upright position, making it ideal for long, comfortable trips.

Additionally, each model comes with its own seat design, designed to offer maximum comfort to the rider and passenger. From the roadster-style seats on the Rocket R to the touring-style seats on the Rocket GT, Triumph has taken care of every detail to ensure an enjoyable, fatigue-free riding experience.

Another notable difference between the models is the position of the footpegs. While the Rocket R has more centered footpegs for a sporty riding position, the Rocket GT has them pushed forward for a more relaxed feel, similar to that of a custom bike. Both models have retractable passenger footpegs, which integrate perfectly with the overall design of the motorcycle.

In short, the Rocket 3 Storm not only offers exceptional performance in terms of suspension and braking, but also provides versatile ergonomic options to suit each rider’s individual preferences. With its combination of advanced technology and thoughtful design, the Rocket 3 Storm redefines the standards of high-performance motorcycles.

Price of the new Triumph Rocket 3 Storm

Triumph Rocket 3 Storm 2024

The new Rocket 3 Storm R will go on sale in April 2024 from €26,395, while the Rocket 3 Storm GT will go on sale from €27,195. All interested parties can obtain more information and place their order at or through their nearest official Triumph dealer.

Customize the Rocket 3 Storm

Triumph Rocket 3 Storm 2024

With a wide range of over 50 genuine Triumph accessories available, motorcycle enthusiasts can give a personalized touch to their Rocket, tailoring it to their needs and preferences.

These accessories offer options to improve the comfort, practicality, style and safety of the motorcycle. From interchangeable footpegs to seats with adjustable ergonomics for rider and passenger, to plug & play technology for greater convenience, every detail can be customized to individual tastes.

Additionally, luggage solutions are offered for travelers looking for longer adventures. All of these accessories have been designed and manufactured to the same quality standards as Triumph’s own motorcycles, backed by a three-year unlimited mileage warranty.

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