Verne is Rimac’s new robotaxi and will be on the streets of Europe

The one of Mate Rimac is one of the most notable success stories in the automotive world. The young Croatian entrepreneur founded his own electric supercar company and was so successful that it was acquired by the Volkswagen Group, with the blessing of Porsche, to form Bugatti-Rimac. But his legacy does not end there and he has now founded a new robotaxi company. Verne is the firm that wants to exploit autonomous driving in Europe and already has both a launch date and planned vehicles.

Mate Rimac has reached agreements with firms such as Mobileye to obtain its platform for Level 4 autonomous vehiclesalthough it wanted to go a step further. It mixes the concepts of a minivan with that of a three-door coupe to give life to a very striking two-seater and will delight its passengers. They have placed a lot of importance on comfort on board and also on the sense of ownership, even though they are going to be a fleet of robotaxis to take people from point A to point B.

They get it through the interior configurationallowing you to choose the temperature, music, lighting or aroma through the app even before the vehicle has arrived. The space of the seats is outstanding and the fact that there are only two seats is due to the fact that most taxi trips are made alone or in pairs. You won’t get bored, because in front of you there is a 43 inch screen with which you can enjoy the trip with all kinds of infotainment options.

Verne’s robotaxis They are completely autonomousthey don’t have a steering wheel or pedals, although there is a physical button so that passengers can start and stop the trip. The exterior design is really striking and integrates all the necessary technologies. This translates into cameras, radars and LIDAR systems (with their integrated cleaning mechanisms) to guide them through traffic.

Needless to say, Verne’s models They are fully electricThe company promises a “Mothership,” a mothership to which the self-employed will return to be recharged, cleaned and inspected daily to ensure that everything is under control. The first place where will be established in Zagreb, their hometown Rimac, Croatia, by 2026. From there, there are also plans to expand throughout Europe and reach the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as making the leap to the Middle East.

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