With this motorcycle that can circulate through water, physical limits do not exist

Based on the H2R, Kawasaki has just come up with a new evolution of its popular hyper sports car, the Ninja H2O. But this evolution goes further, it is a total transformation. It is the world's first mass-produced aquatic hyperbike. Yes, you read correctly, with this high-performance motorcycle it is possible to travel on the road and, with the push of a button, navigate the sea.

On stage at the 2014 Intermot Motorcycle Show in Cologne, Germany, Kawasaki dazzled everyone present in the room with the premiere of the epic Kawasaki H2R of 310 HP, a supercharged hyperbike designed exclusively for the circuit, which was quickly crowned as the fastest production motorcycle ever created. Shortly after, Kawasaki continued with the legal version for road use, the H2. A beauty that unleashes more than 200 HP of power to the rear wheel.

Now, exactly a decade after the appearance of the H2R original, the intrepid hyperbikes of Kawasaki They are ready to conquer new horizons: water. Kawasaki has officially announced the manufacture of the Ninja H2Othe world's first aquatic hyperbike.

«Building on the success of the H2, the Ninja H2O allows pilots to explore terrain where few have ventured before, expanding their journeys over the water. There is no longer a need to stop at the coast during summer walks; With the push of a button, the Ninja H2O switches from Road mode to Water mode… Plus, getting back on the road is just as simple: simply return to shore and activate Road mode again.«.

Kawasaki Ninja H2O

Where did the Kawasaki Ninja H2O come from?

The base of operations of the naval division of Kawasaki in Kobe, Japan, served as the epicenter for much of this innovative project, with facilities ideal for testing the new machine in a controlled environment. Years of collaborative research and development led to the creation of several revolutionary technologies, the most notable being the Super-Thrust Reverse Impeller (STRI), which uses the power of the supercharged engine to propel a water jet system while cruising through the water.

But, innovation doesn't stop at the engine. All chassis and mechanical components have been coated with dactari, a substance originally developed for deep-sea submarines. This coating offers unparalleled protection against corrosion and fouling by marine organisms, such as algae and small barnacles, on the hull and other components.

Unlike the models H2 road, the H2O It comes standard with a marine GPS navigation system with To Shore mode for easy return to public boat ramps, marinas or the original starting point. «Special attention has been paid to maintaining a consistent feel between modes, so road riders feel as comfortable on the water as they do on the road.«.

Japan will be the first country to receive the Ninja H2O in the fourth quarter of 2024. As a curiosity, the brand has announced that the launch for the specialized press will begin in the birthplace of the H2O, that is, the Kobe Works shipbuilding headquarters. Then we will travel by road to Kagawa. The return will involve crossing the Seto Inland Sea via Shodoshima, passing through the emblematic Oliva Island. By the way, the Ninja H2O It will be launched worldwide in 2025.

Now seriously, this is all a joke. They wanted to play us with the «April Fools' Day«Have you fallen?

Kawasaki Ninja H2O

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