32 HP and 2 strokes for only 80 kg of weight. This is the brutal Simson S 51 B

Tony Moeckel, from Altenburg (Thuringia), is only about 30 years old and works full-time as a technician in a foundry. But, as we are telling you, when converting your Simson S 51 B in an Orange Monster, he fulfilled one of his childhood dreams.

Möckel is the creator of the Orange Monster based on an epic Simson S 51 B from the year 1984. On this occasion nothing is enough, of course and as is obvious, this two-stroke machine has been greatly improved. In fact, it has gone from 50 to 130 cc and from 4 to 32 HP.

All, maintaining the two-stroke cycle that we like so much around here. Also equipped with suspensions Öhlins and brakes Brembo oversized on their narrow wire-spoke rims. Furthermore, this monster is very light, in fact, it only weighs 80 kilos.

This is Tony Möckel's Simson S 51 B

The Orange Monster Tony Moeckel was originally a Simson S 51 Bmanufactured in Suhl, Germany, in 1984. Originally, it had a single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled engine, about 50 cubic meters, almost 4 hp and a maximum legal speed of 60 km/h. Color-wise, Tony has transformed his 40-year-old machine into a technically monstrous orange mass.

Tony replaced the original 50 cc engine with a significantly larger and more powerful single-cylinder engine, of the MTX 130 type from PZ-Tuning of Trebbin. This means that the orange monster of Tony It has more than double the displacement, 130 cubic cc, and even 8 times more power. But it's still air-cooled.

Simson S 51 B from 1984

For optimal development of its power, but also for optimal visual and acoustic performance, Tony has adapted an exhaust system SA-Tuning from his hometown, Altenburg, with a considerably swollen belly (thanks to the two strokes) and with two vertical lateral exits on the left.

In the milled aluminum engine housing of the S 51 B, the clutch can be admired through a viewing window. By the way, the clutch has been modified, replacing the cable with a hydraulic system with an adjustable manual lever.

To do justice to the engine's dramatic increase in power, Tony Moeckel he also appropriately updated the chassis of his Orange Monster. With reinforced tubular steel frame and polished aluminum swingarm from PZ-Tuning, as well as valuable spare parts. Öhlins.

That is, suspension shock absorbers, steering damper and inverted fork. As a detail, Tony had to invest 2,500 euros just in the front fork, which was actually intended for a Ducati Panigale.

Simson S 51 B from 1984

On the front of the S 51 B we find the brake calipers Brembo with double disc brakes and, at the rear, a 280 mm diameter disc brake. As we can see, everything is noticeably oversized. The spoked rims configured by Ronge Motorsport in Chemnitz, both in 16×3 inch format, fitted with Heidenau K63. It seems like a relatively narrow measurement, but it's appropriate for such a low mass.

Tony has adorned his creation with mini turn signals Kellermannaluminum handlebars LSL and elements Koso with gradually adjustable changing light.

Simson S 51 B from 1984

When it comes to the topic of top speed, its creator is quite reserved. Depending on the total reduction of the chain final drive, speeds of up to about 150 km/h are mathematically possible.

The improved braking system could easily fix this, but what would the Spanish MOT technicians say? Possibly, nothing good. TonyDon't come to Spain.

Simson S 51 B from 1984

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