CFMoto registers new patents applicable to its future 1250NK

The CFMoto 1250NK It seems closer than ever to production, or at least that is the feeling we have after learning about the registration of new patents by the brand, related to the future model. Furthermore, they are not the only ones we have heard about lately, as you can see in these articles:

What is clear is that the Chinese brand continues to advance in its next maxi-naked and this time they show us an adjustable footpeg system that is more than likely to end up being part of the next one. 1250NK.

As you point out Ben Purvis from Cycle World: “What is very clear from several patents filed by CFMoto over several years is that the motorcycle is a direct descendant of the V.02-NK concept that the company showed off in 2017.”

CFMoto 1250NK: Asian design and European heart

The new patent in relation to the development of an adjustable footpeg system (BMW also patented something recently), shows us how the user could move the brake and shift levers, up and forward, using different mechanisms. Whether by loosening a central screw, rotating the main shaft 90º or using a toothed gear, we could adjust the mechanism as we wish.

The future CFMoto 1250NK closer than ever: New patents are registered on the model

In up to six positions in the first two registered patents and even some more if the last system shown was finally used. All this for the sake of better ergonomics that allows us a more comfortable position adapted to our piloting. In short, one more step towards the final development of the new 1250NK.

Although it is not certain that these types of systems patented by CFMoto will finally reach the final version of the model, they are an indicator that the brand is in full development of its new mount. Furthermore, and as we approach the date of celebration of EICMA 2024it is more than likely that we will know new details of the project.

The future CFMoto 1250NK closer than ever: New patents are registered on the model

As always, we assume that this CFMoto 1250NK It will come equipped with the well-known twin cylinder KTM LC8although it remains to be determined which of its mechanical evolutions will be chosen to power the next maxi-naked of the Chinese brand.

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