Tesla Model Y Great Range Rear-Wheel Drive: 600 km electric at a good price

Although many thought that electrification was a thing of the future, it has been proven that it is very present today. The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car worldwide in 2023, being the first electric car to achieve this milestone. And the truth is that it can be understandable if we take into account some of its benefits. Efficiency is one of them and now what is, without a doubt, its most interesting version to date arrives in Spain. He Tesla Model And Great Range Rear Wheel Drive It is for those who want to avoid having to make many stops during the journey.

It is that version that reaches a maximum of electric range of 600 kilometers and that allows it to be almost 70 kilometers ahead of the other “Long Range”. The difference is that this is a propulsion vehicle that only moves with the 299 HP of power from the rear engine. By eliminating the front and all-wheel drive from the equation, the new autonomy figure is achieved. It also has a heat pump as standard and low resistance tires to approve a consumption of 14.9 kWh/100km. Although it is not just about efficiency.

The Tesla Model Y Great Autonomy Rear-Wheel Drive also promises more than enough performance for everyday use. It is capable of accelerating 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 217 km/h. Always maintaining its versatility, which is one of the keys to the impressive sales of the electric car. We must not forget that it is an SUV that reaches 4.75 meters in length and whose trunk capacity exceeds 800 liters. Technology continues to be served by a 15 inch touch screenwhich acts as a nerve center.

Although one of the keys to this Model Y Great Autonomy Rear-Wheel Drive is that it maintains a good price. Despite its complete equipment (which includes a good equipment that is not too far behind the Performance) manages to be below the 50,000 euro barrier with a entrance fee of 48,990 euros. We must not forget that this also allows its buyers to benefit from the Moves Plan, so they could get up to 7,000 euros in aid and reduce its price to 41,990 euros in the best of cases.

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