The MAG proposes that motorcycles can be parked even where it is prohibited

When parking your motorcycle you always have to be aware of where you can and where you can't. Furthermore, depending on the municipal ordinance, we can do it on the sidewalk or not, it will be free in areas with parking meters or we will have to pay… Come on, in each city or municipality things are different, so if we talk about parking the motorcycle in In other countries things are even more complex.

On this occasion, from the United Kingdom we receive an initiative promoted by the Motorcycle Action Group, MAG, which aims to allow motorcycles to be parked practically anywhere, even in those places where parking for motorcycles is prohibited. other vehicles.

This proposal, seen like this, may seem a bit strange. But in reality they do not seek to be able to park, but rather to do what in Spain we choose as a stop. That is, a break with a defined time that, in the case of the MAG proposal, would be a maximum of 15 minutes.

This option would be valid when running errands, something quick that would not make it necessary to park the motorcycle far away and waste time later walking to the place. They argue that, obviously, a motorcycle takes up little space and, therefore, should not be a problem for the rest.

The measure of being able to park the motorcycle in prohibited places would help everyone according to MAG

Even so, this proposal may still not sound entirely reasonable to you. How are they going to park the motorcycle in places where it is not possible? Because? Well, the bottom line, what they argue, is based on something more practical. This proposal would be designed to favor the work of delivery people.

In this way, if it were approved that they could stop to deliver or pick up an order in those areas, it would save a lot of time and headaches for those people who are working and who prevent, according to MAG criteria, many other citizens from going out. the streets in cars to shop, collapsing the cities.

The idea is to benefit the delivery people

We do not know if this proposal will go ahead, since the movement will intensify once the municipal elections in May in the United Kingdom are over. And what do you think of this idea?

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