A GSX-R1000 competing against a Land Cruiser…in Offroad driving!

In recent times we have seen, thanks to various YouTube channels, how almost any motorcycle on the planet can be conveniently adapted to ride on a totally different terrain than the one for which the aforementioned model was initially designed. To show a button:

What a GSX-R1000 with knobby wheels is capable of

Today we bring you something even more spectacular, when it comes to mixing mechanical monsters and competitions with a bizarre touch. Specifically, one Suzuki GSX-R1000 ready to face an almighty Toyota Land Cruiser in Offroad driving. Of course, after being suitably prepared for the event.

This curious idea, which we have learned about thanks to Ride Apart, is the work of the guys from the YouTube channels, Carwow and Bike World, and how we can see throughout the little more than 29 minutes that the video lasts, the GSX-R1000 manages to beat the prepared Land Cruiser in different tests. Especially when they do not require excessive traction.

Although the GSX-R1000 It is equipped with Offroad wheels and tires, the simple fact of only having traction on the rear wheel makes it very difficult when, for example, you have to face steep rocky terrain.

However, the same does not happen if the test consists of ascending a small muddy hill, taking advantage of its lower weight, yes, opening the gas fully. If you have to travel it at low speed, the Toyota ends up prevailing. Once again all-wheel drive imposes its law on this type of route.

A GSX-R1000 competing against a Land Cruiser...in Offroad driving!

The culmination of this Offroad gymkhana comes when both vehicles have to cross a riverbed, in which at times the GSX-R1000 It is practically completely submerged. Although against all odds he ends up reaching the goal, demonstrating once again his country qualities.

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