Is the BMW HP2 Enduro coming back, or will it be the long-awaited BMW R 12 GS?

Markus Flasch confirmed to our German colleagues that bmw is going to launch one G.S. lighter, with an air-cooled boxer engine, new frame and equipped with elements that maximize clear Enduro aspirations.

What we still don’t know is if it is the return of the epic HP2 Enduroor the release of the also longed-for R 12GS. Only time will prove or prove right. What is confirmed is that it is a new model.

In short, the Germans plan a machine with a spirit closer to that of the HP2 Enduro than that of the Urban G/S. Clearly this represents the brand’s long-awaited return to its Enduro roots. What was an unidentified mystery some time ago is now emerging as a new and confirmed model.

Will it be the expected BMW R 12 GS?

Features such as the inverted fork and the 21-inch front wheel are evident in the spy photos that we already knew and showed you at the time. Like the new steel tube chassis, similar to that of the R 12 nineT presented last year. While the R nineT GS Urban It is more of an urban style frame, the supposed R 12GS either HP2 Enduromaintains a more off-road focus, with large wheels and narrow tires to succeed in any situation.


This authentic Enduro bike will offer a suspension with greater travel, with at least 200/250 mm at the front and considerable ground clearance at the rear. In addition, it is equipped with a 1,170 cc air- and oil-cooled boxer engine that delivers 109 hp. As we see, this new machine bmw promises an exciting driving experience both on paved roads and on the most difficult terrain.

bmw appears to be following a coherent strategy by offering a model G.S. lighter. But if this new machine is launched like the R 12 GSit is likely to incorporate more modern features, such as a TFT screen for navigation, maintaining the essence of the Enduro but with a contemporary touch.


Speculation about the arrival of the new BMW R 12 GS either HP2 Enduro had intensified so far this year, with possible presentations at events such as the annual motorcycle meeting in Garmisch, as well as the EICMA and Intermot trade shows. However, for now, beyond the words of the head of BMW Motorrad, Markus Flaschthere is still no more specific information.

Clearly, bmw seems to be preparing the ground for an offroad version of the new R 12, a machine that evokes the spirit of the Enduro with its distinctive features. Reminiscent of the legendary HP2 Enduro. Without a doubt, this new model promises to capture the imagination of Enduro fans and could become a bestseller for the brand. It comes from breed to the greyhound.


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