Those affected by the Norton pension fund scam will finally be compensated

After more than four years of judicial process, it seems that finally those affected by the fraud pension fund of Norton Motorcycles, carried out by the owner of the British firm until 2020, Stuart Garnerwill be compensated.

To put this story in context we must go back in time to the year 2012, at which time Garner managed to convince more than 200 workers to invest in various types of pension fundalthough ultimately the money was used to finance the brand itself.

After four years there is already a sentence on the Norton pension fund scam

It is initially estimated that during those two years Garner made an amount of around 11.5 million pounds, according to colleagues from the Italian media

After several years of uncertainty, in 2020, it is the United Kingdom Pensions Ombudsman who orders Garner to fully return the money from the pension fund that he had defrauded his workers.

Those affected by the Norton pension fund scam will finally be compensated

However, a few months later, in May 2021, Garner declared bankruptcy and the judicial process took a turn pending new legal actions by local courts. Now, three years after the latest news about this scam from the Norton pension fundit seems that we already have a signed resolution on the case.

Apparently it will be UK Pension Protection Fund Fraud Compensation Fund, who will initially pay £9.4 million in compensation to affected workers In this scam, they deposited their money in one of the three pension funds that Garner proposed to them at the time.

Those affected by the Norton pension fund scam will finally be compensated

The rest of the money necessary to cover the compensation has yet to be determined who will be responsible for paying it, although it is assumed that it will not be Garner in any case.

It is also estimated that the next November It will be the exact moment in which compensation begins to be paid to the more than 200 people affected by this fraud of the pension fund from Norton Motorcycles.

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