Benelli Devil 80 from 1994

Small but bulky“, that would be the best way to describe this Benelli Devil 80 from 1994 that is currently for sale on Ebay. A truly peculiar motorcycle with little commercial impact at the time, although now it has become a true Old School 2T that more than one of us would like to have in the garage.

It was the friends of Bike Urious who found her on the famous advertising page. According to what they say, the Devil 80, like other models of the time, derived from an initial 50 cc model. Regarding the latter, at the beginning of the 90s a single-brand cup was created where participants carried out exhaustive preparation of their Devil 50.

Benelli Devil 80 in detail

Apparently, an 80 cc cylinder was attached to the Minarelli engine that the moped was fitted as standard, together with a 4-speed gearbox (originally 3 speeds), giving rise to a “cucumber” capable of offering 18 HP of power and a maximum speed of 130km/h. Some true giant bushes of the time, although initially reserved only for use on the track.

It is from this championship when this is launched Devil 80, although conveniently softened for use on public roads. The small 71 cc single-cylinder originally declared 12 HP of power and a maximum speed of around 100 km/h. To highlight its excellent chassis with aluminum chassis, inverted fork and double brake disc, one per axle.

The copy that is for sale, associated with the VIN: ZA10313currently has 21,315 kilometers. According to its owner, was imported from Germany to Martinsville, Indianaand while it is not cosmetically perfect, the engine was completely rebuilt before he acquired it.

Yes, it clarifies that the pump that is responsible for creating the separate mixture of gasoline and oil is currently not working. However, this Devil 80 Comes with tail cover, some additional spare parts and German and US documentation. All this for a final price of $4,500about 4,155 euros.

Dream bikes for sale: 1994 Benelli Devil 80

Much or little, it is clear that this Devil 80 It has a very special charm, the same one that other models of the time possessed in its day, such as the Yamaha TZR80RR, of which by the way we have just published an Old School Retrotest in great detail. For more information about this beautiful Italian “Diablo”, you can click here.

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