These are the winners of the Bridgestone XXL motorcycle bags

Bridgestone It has once again made it very easy for us to transport our belongings on the motorcycle and safe from downpours or unforeseen events. Thanks to the agreement with we have been able to overcome 10 Bridgestone XXL motorcycle bags.

With a capacity of 50 liters, completely waterproof thanks to its construction and design (with thermo-sealed seams and pockets with thermo-sealed zippers), it is an ideal travel companion.

Thus, the winners in the draw are the following. You can see how happy they have posed with their gift in the photo gallery.

  • Maria Teresa Fernandez
  • Eduardo Calatayud
  • Alberto Puerto
  • José Roman Sampalo
  • Tomas Bonillo
  • Javier González-Úbeda
  • Jose Antonio Rubio
  • Joan Tuldra
  • Marc Gonzalez
  • Ruben Otero Briz

Congratulations to all!! And also, many thanks to those who have participated, who have been a lot. Stay tuned because there will be new contests coming soon. Thank you!!

Happy drivers

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