BMW F 900 GS 2024: All original accessories

bmw has launched this season its completely renewed model within its F Series adventure range: the BMW F 900 GS. In addition to its new mechanics and advanced driving assistance and assistance systems, the new F 900 GS It can include a series of factory accessories that elevate the practicality of the set to where the owner wants to take it.

Not long ago, bmw has considerably expanded its line of mid-range Enduro tourism with the new F 900 GS. Designed to excel in long-distance adventure trips and intense tours around the world, it has been deeply updated, offering a higher level of standard equipment and a range of original accessories on par with what the brand has accustomed us to.

The F 900 GS They integrate numerous innovations that greatly expand their versatility. With improved off-road capabilities and a notable weight reduction of 14 kg compared to their predecessors, they are positioned as especially sporty models within the F Series.

With the F 900 GS Escape the daily routine and venture off the beaten path. They are ideal machines for those who crave new challenges. So, with optional factory equipment and original accessories from BMW Motorradyou can customize your motorcycle so that it fits perfectly to your needs.

BMW F 900 GS 2024

When the BMW F 900 GS seeks the countryside

  • ConnectedRide Navigator and navigation preparation. With the BMW ConnectedRide Navigator, you will always have all your itineraries and plans at hand. The BMW ID allows programmed routes and recordings to be synchronized with the BMW Motorrad App. In addition, the 5.5-inch touch screen is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight, and its operation is intuitive thanks to the Multi-Controller. The retrofitting option “Preparation for navigation devices” allows you to retrofit motorcycles that do not have preparation.
  • Adjustable pedals and levers. The black anodized aluminum adjustable levers enhance the sporty and unique style of the bike. The cuffs are also adjustable in five different widths and can be easily adjusted without tools, even with gloves on. The brake and shift pedals can be placed in two different positions, and the shift pedal can also be adjusted in height.
  • black single seat. The black individual seat highlights the sporty character of the motorcycle. Additionally, it can serve as a base for carrying additional luggage when necessary.
  • Sport Titan final silencer. The titanium-coated final silencer provides a robust sound, visually and acoustically reaffirming the sporty character of the motorcycle.
  • Enduro Side Stand Silver. The Enduro side stand in silver, with its large support surface, ensures a stable position, especially on soft or loose terrain.
  • Black engine protection guard. The set of engine protectors, made of stainless steel and with a glossy black coating, minimizes the risk of damage to the motorcycle.

When the BMW F 900 GS seeks to explore

  • Luggage rack system: 36l – 44l Silver aluminum suitcase and silver aluminum pannier rack. The ideal solution for the most demanding travelers: aluminum suitcases provide storage space of 36 and 44 liters. This transport equipment is dust resistant and designed to withstand extreme conditions. The numerous practical details are especially useful in difficult situations. Solid pannier racks allow aluminum panniers to be attached easily and securely, as well as enhancing the off-road design.
  • ConnectedRide Cradle. The ConnectedRide Cradle allows you to use your phone as a navigation device while driving. With the BMW Motorrad Connected App, you can view the navigation map and vehicle data directly in your field of vision using the multicontroller. The support is compatible with different sizes of mobile phones and charges the device both inductively and by cable.
  • High tinted windshield. The tall tinted windshield significantly reduces wind pressure on the upper body at high speeds, thus improving ride comfort.
  • Additional LED headlight. The powerful additional LED headlights offer optimal visibility in low light conditions.
  • Center stand. The central stand simplifies the care and maintenance tasks of the motorcycle, in addition to allowing safe and space-efficient parking.
  • Enduro Side Stand Silver. The Enduro side stand in silver, with its wide support base, ensures optimal stability, especially on soft or uneven terrain.
  • Passenger footrest. The passenger footrest, with a serrated surface, provides optimal support even with rough or dirty boots. Made of corrosion-resistant cast steel, they are completely stainless. Plus, they can be folded up when you're traveling alone.

BMW F 900 GS 2024

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