Morbidelli C1002V 2024 – Technical Data Sheet, Photos and Price

Following the acquisition by MBP, Morbidelli has unveiled its new C1002V, the first of the frames after the merger of the names of both companies. A custom motorcycle where nothing has been left to chance during the development process. Power and equipment are its calling cards, as well as a simply unbeatable price.

By less than 10,000 euros we can get this new C1002V, introductory rate well below most of its competitors. Once again we are witnessing an aggressive launch offer that turns the category in which this specific motorcycle is included upside down.

Rivals of the Morbidelli MBP C1002V 2024

Within the segment where the new C1002V is included, we would highlight the following as exponential rivals with which it will have to battle in commercial terms:

Morbidelli C1002V 2024

Engine of the Morbidelli MBP C1002V 2024

The main element that this has C1002V It's its mechanics 997cc SOHC V-Twin and 8 valves, water cooled and powered by electronic injection. Delivery 88.4 HP at 7,200 rpm and 89 Nm of maximum torque at 5,250 rpm.

This has internal dimensions of 92 mm × 75 mm, in terms of diameter and stroke. It is subject to a declared compression of 10.3:1 and also has two engine modes, standard and sport, achieving consumption of around 5 l/100 km in normal driving.

Morbidelli C1002V 2024

Cycle part of the Morbidelli MBP C1002V 2024

The double cradle chassis is supported by a KYB suspension system. At the front it is equipped with an inverted fork with 137 mm of travel without adjustments, while at the rear, the pro-link shock absorber does have preload adjustment.

The brakes are J. Juan, double 320 mm discs with 4-piston calipers and a 300 mm rear disc, assisted by an ABS system signed by Bosch. The assembly is anchored to 18” wheels, in this case fitted with Metzeler tires in size. 130/70R18 ahead and a gigantic 240/40 VR18 on the rear axle.

Morbidelli C1002V 2024

In terms of dimensions, the distance between axles is 1,665mmwith a seat located just 680mm ground. Its fuel tank is capable of holding up to 22 liters of gasoline, which should give us, at least on paper, an average autonomy around the 400 kilometers.

Equipment and finishes of the Morbidelli MBP C1002V 2024

The new one C1002V It has everything we might need to enjoy driving a custom of this type. This translates into having all those essential technological and comfort elements in a motorcycle with these characteristics. Among them we would highlight:

  • Full-LED lighting
  • 5 inch TFT LCD screen
  • Double Saddle with Contoured Design
  • Driving modes

Morbidelli C1002V 2024

Colors of the Morbidelli MBP C1002V 2024

The brand initially has up to three color schemes with which we can get this C1002V:

Morbidelli C1002V 2024

Price of the Morbidelli MBP C1002V 2024

With a final price of 9,990 euros, the new C1002V hits the table within the large displacement custom segment. For more information and details you can consult the brand's official website or go to any of the authorized distributors with which it collaborates. Morbidelli MBP.

Morbidelli C1002V 2024

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