Without stuntmen, action movies would not exist. Now they could finally have their category at the Oscars

The specialists They have become an inseparable part of almost any action movie. And we say almost because in the films where the protagonist is usually Tom Cruise, few, if not none, are the scenes where this guild, sometimes unjustly forgotten in the seventh art, participates.

However, it seems that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has become aware of the importance of specialists within the multimillion-dollar film business. Without them, most dangerous scenes would not be viable, where the risk that must be assumed to carry them out is not usually accepted by the main cast.

Specialists, a little recognized guild… Until now

Now, thanks to Ride Apart, we have learned that specialists could have their specific category within the famous Oscar Awards. This news has come to the fore today after the interview given by Bill Kramerexecutive director of the Academy, to the London media Empire.

Under the title “The Academy explores “the possibility” of a specialist category for the Oscars”, the publication chats with Kramer about the topic. He comments that: “We are talking to members of the specialist community who are members of the Academy about the possibility of that happening.”

Specialists could have their own category at the Oscars

And continues: “We added a new award that will be launched in two years for casting directors, so we are always open to those discussions.” For its part, Janet Yangcurrent president of the Academy, says:

“We listen to our members, and if there is really strong support and there are complete mechanisms to advance the cause, and they are interested… That's what happened with Casting. We have created new branches over the decades. So it evolves and evolves with the changing industry.”

Specialists could have their own category at the Oscars

It is clear that from now on, when we see a new installment of Mission Impossible, James Bond or John Wickwe will continue enjoying the dangerous scenes that the guild of the specialists. And who knows if, by then, someone will have received the first Oscar award in history that recognizes this noble work.

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