Complete renovation to offer the usual versatility

Betamotor celebrates these summer dates with the renewal of one of its banners, the Xtrainer. A motorcycle that stands out for its new graphic design, in which gray and red impose their law. All this without losing the versatility of an enduro developed by and for enjoyment thanks to a high level of technical equipment, performance and ergonomics.

The docility of the engine along with its great manageability are two qualities that stand out in this Xtrainer. But this does not mean that it gives up passionate performance in all types of terrain, allowing it to function without problems in any situation.

Beta Xtrainer 2025 in detail

The Xtrainer is positioned as the link between the Beta models of the Leisure/Excursion range and the specialized RR and Racing models. We are, therefore, talking about an ideal motorcycle, both for an experienced enduro rider who wants a less demanding and challenging motorcycle, or an expert rider looking for a companion for extreme enduro.

For this, the Italian brand offers us two variants of 250 and 300 cc engine, both under a two-stroke configuration. In any case, among the main elements and characteristics that make up this Xtrainer we would highlight:

Beta Xtrainer 2025: Complete renovation to offer the same versatility as always

  • Only 99 kg (previous, 48 ​​kg and rear, 51 kg), making it extremely agile and intuitive, even for beginners.
  • The height of the saddle has been reduced by 20 mm compared to the RR range, to convey a greater feeling of security in any situation.
  • Nissin braking, with 260 mm discs at the front and 240 mm at the rear.
  • Lightweight, high-performance lithium battery.
  • R16V forks and monoshock with 43 mm arms at the front and progressive arms at the rear. The suspensions can be completely customized, with fork adjustable in preload and rebound, while the monoshock is adjustable in preload, compression and rebound.
  • Docile and linear power delivery, to improve drivability.
  • The Beta Progressive exhaust valve, which the pilot can regulate externally, allows the engine's performance to be perfectly adapted throughout its range of use.
  • Map changing device with the button on the handlebar.
  • 8.8 L transparent tank with greater capacity than the previous one.
  • Automatic mixer located under the saddle (which opens with the push of a button) and eliminates the need to premix oil-gasoline.
  • 'Soft' tires that, thanks to their soft compound and aggressive design, guarantee grip in any circumstance, giving the driver less nervous responses than a tire with a more rigid casing.
  • Although the 2-stroke engine has a good thermal balance, the Xtrainer includes a fan as standard so that the engine is always maintained at the optimal operating temperature, even on the slowest journeys.
  • Electric start: Reliable and precision; essential to restart the vehicle in the most uncomfortable situations.
  • Engine and clutch: The engine delivery, derived from the RR, is suitably smoothed to better suit the characteristics of the Xtrainer.
  • Electronic key: This is a security system consisting of a magnetic device with a 'pull' drive that performs the function of anti-theft and protection of the motorcycle and the rider at the same time. It consists of two parts: one that remains anchored to the vehicle's handlebars and another, magnetic (which the pilot can wear with a wristband), which is disconnected to activate the mechanism.
  • Anti-theft function: The device prevents the possibility of starting the engine when it is disconnected, thanks to an encryption that uniquely combines the key with the motorcycle, which discourages theft.
  • Passive safety for the motorcycle and the rider: With a similar operation to the “Kill-Switch” device, the motorcycle turns off when the magnetic contact point connected to the rider's wrist and the motorcycle's handlebars is disconnected. Shutting down the vehicle prevents damage to the engine in the event of an accident and guarantees greater safety for the rider in the event that he loses control of the vehicle or the motorcycle remains accelerated on the ground.

Beta Xtrainer 2025: Complete renovation to offer the same versatility as always

Beta Xtrainer 2025: Main changes

These are the main features of the new Xtrainer 2025, adding very interesting news; some of them absolute firsts in a Beta:

  • Saddle: The foam that makes up the seat is now decidedly softer and cozier to provide greater comfort to the rider once seated in the saddle.
  • Graphics: The plastics take on a new Gray tint that differs noticeably in style from previous models and, together with the new Red/Gray matte gloss effect graphics, with glossy Beta Red and matte grey, highlight the dynamic and modern shapes of the bike .

For more information about the range Xtrainer 2025 You can enter the brand's official website or visit any of the authorized Betamotor distributors in our country.

Beta Xtrainer 2025: Complete renovation to offer the same versatility as always

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