Confirmed, the Kawasaki W 230 will arrive in Europe next season

It was in the final stages of 2023 when the first information came to light about a possible Kawasaki W 230 for this season. Initially, there was speculation about the commercial name Meguro 250although months later the Japanese brand finally presented the new Kawasaki W 230 and Meguro S1.

Specifically at the end of last April, Kawasaki took advantage of the well-known Osaka Motorcycle Show to show these beautiful low-displacement frames in society wrapped in an irresistible retro aura. Two motorcycles that in 2024 also celebrate the association with Murato Iron Workssubsequently Meguro Manufacturing Coin 1924.

The Kawasaki W 230 will arrive in Europe in 2025

Now, thanks to our colleagues at Motorrad Online, we have learned that finally the new Kawasaki W 230 and Meguro S1 They will reach the European continent. Specifically to Germany, for next year 2025, although after their debut in the German country they will do the same in other states in the euro zone. Initially, its commercial launch is expected in the Asian markets at the end of 2024, to later do the same in other latitudes of the planet.

All of this as we say under that characteristic essence of the model in which the care for detail makes the differences. Those same ones that each of the two versions of this new Kawasaki range possess, although in both cases it is expected that they will be equipped with a single-cylinder engine of 223ccOHC air-cooled and adapted to the current Euro5.

Confirmed, the Kawasaki W 230 will arrive in Europe next season

Probably the same one used in the KLX 230, an Offroad that stands out essentially for its high level of versatility and proven reliability. This declares a maximum power of 19 HP at 7,600 rpm and 20 Nm of torque at 6,100 revolutions. All of this is taken to the rear wheel through a 6-speed gearbox.

Although the presence of this mechanic in the new Kawasaki W 230 and Meguro S1 Everything indicates that she will be the one chosen to promote them. In addition, it would be embedded in a single-cradle tubular steel chassis suspended on a suspension system equipped with a conventional telescopic fork and a double lateral shock absorber.

Confirmed, the Kawasaki W 230 will arrive in Europe next season

Braking has two discs, one per axle, which is also assisted by an ABS system, while the assembly is anchored in a pair of radial wheels, 18” at the front and 17” at the rear, which emphasize the sought-after retro design. . This is completed with other equipment elements that help define the personality and image of both versions.

Of course, without leaving aside technological elements such as LED lighting or a mixed-type instrument panel, with a double clock and a small digital screen at the bottom of the speedometer, or the use of IRC Grand High-Speed ​​tires. ​GS19. Beyond the components shared in both variants, the differences between the new Kawasaki W230 and the Meguro S1 are simply aesthetic.

Confirmed, the Kawasaki W 230 will arrive in Europe next season

Among the most notable are the seat upholstery, the color scheme or the design of the logos that dominate its fuel tanks. The Meguro S1 uses black as the main color, reminding us of the Kawasaki 250 Meguro SG that debuted in 1964. For its part, the W230 is finished in a beautiful white, which combines with black in some of its parts, such as the seat upholstery.

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