Dark and without anything strictly necessary. Mutt launches the new DRK-01 in 125 and 250 cc versions

Recently, Mutt Motorcycles has announced the official launch of the new DRK-01, two scrambler models of 125 and 250 cc that closely follow the well-known style of the British firm. However, for the occasion they arrive loaded with new features, in all areas, from the mechanical part to the cycle part, where they debut a new chassis.

It was at the end of 2022 when Mutt revealed the first images of its future motorcycles designed entirely in the United Kingdom, the new DRK-01. Even then we were aware that these would arrive with liquid-cooled engines, leaving behind the forced air system.

Now it has been Visordown who has given the exclusive launch of the DRK-01 2024 and, although in essence, they continue to maintain unchanged the philosophy that the brand imprints on each and every one of its models, this has not prevented it from betting on new technologies and significant changes in both models.

Mutt DRK-01 125 and 250 cc in detail

Among the most important new technical characteristics that the DRK-01 2024 have, we can highlight:

  • New water cooled engines
  • New double cradle chassis
  • 18” Mutt wheels on both axles
  • 320 mm front disc and four-piston caliper
  • 220 mm disc and single-piston caliper
  • 51mm front inverted fork
  • Double lateral gas shock absorber on the rear axle, etc.

Mutt makes official the launch of the new DRK-01, in 125 and 250 cc versions

Regarding the new mechanics, 125 and 250 cc, the brand announces 13 HP of power and 11 Nm of maximum torque for the first and exactly double that for the “two fifty” variant: 26 HP of power and 22 Nm of torque maximum.

Both share most of the components, such as the fuel tank with 16 L capacity, six-speed gearbox, Offroad cut tires or the height at which the base of its seat is, estimated at 795 mm.

Mutt makes official the launch of the new DRK-01, in 125 and 250 cc versions

However, while the DRK-01 125 cc equips a combined braking system (CBS), the 250 cc variant uses dual-channel ABS signed by Bosch. Regarding weight, the eighth of a liter declares 156 kg, compared to 166 kg for the 250 cc version.

Although they are not yet available on the brand's official website, we know that the DRK-01 125 and 250 cc will have an official launch price in the United Kingdom of 3,995 and 4,750 pounds respectively, 4,625 and 5,500 euros at the exchange rate, and will only be available in matte black. More information on the official Mutt Motorcycles website.

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