If you are from Madrid you can now receive up to 8,500 euros of help for the purchase of a car

That in Spain we have such an aging vehicle fleet is due, in part, to the inability of many users to purchase a new vehicle. Rising prices complicate the situation and there are few measures that can solve it. However, now the Town Hall ofMadrid announces new subsidies that could be very interesting for residents in the capital. We talk about up to 8,500 euros of aid for the purchase of a new car adding all the subsidies we currently have.

Within the Aid Plan Change 360 ​​from 2024 that has been recently approved we see all kinds of subsidies. First there were those for micromobility and goods vehicles, but now there are those that serve to renew private vehicles. They can be requested until June 7 and have a reservation endowment of 14 million euros. It is not the first time that it has been carried out, as they are also encouraging other issues such as reducing diesel boilers to clean the city's air.

Political battle in Madrid over pollution

In 2021 and 2022, 1,136 unlabeled vehicles were scrapped by users who took advantage of this plan and now they want to increase that number. In fact, in Madrid when you buy a car with ZERO label and the old one is scrapped, 4,000 euros will be given (previously 2,500 euros) and it will be 3,000 if it is an ECO label. The aid bases are reduced to 4,500 euros for electric and plug-in hybrids and to 2,500 euros for hybrids and microhybridsbut the bills keep coming up.

Scrapping a car without a tag can add up to 8,500 euros of aid to buy a ZERO vehicle and up to 5,500 euros for an ECO. Another novelty is that the aid for scrapping also extends to 2,500 euros even when purchasing a car with a C label. The subsidies can be increase 10% in case the user has a large family title or some type of disability (including minors). Later, aid will arrive for the installation of electric charging infrastructure, showing that Madrid is concerned about the issue.

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