Dream bikes for sale: 1995 Bimota YB9SR

The Bimota YB9SR that we show you today is one of those motorcycles that, any petrolhead, dreams of having in your garage at some point in your life. And not only because they were only built 651 copies for everything the world between 1994 and 1996.

In addition, it is one of the various jewels that came out of the Rimini brand facilities throughout the 90s and that, friends, is already an important enough aspect to be overlooked.

This beautiful example that we have discovered thanks to the colleagues at Bike Urious is currently for sale, in auction mode, on the well-known Ebay ad portal. As they comment in the advertisement itself, It was completely restored just a few months ago. and currently has 11,000 miles on your odometer.

Bimota YB9SR in detail

Returning to the history of the model, the YB9SR It would come as an update to the first simple YB9, commonly known under the pseudonym “Bellaria”. Although the latter used the engine that was mounted on the FZR600 contemporary, the new YB9SR would release, even before the Yamaha model, the engine that would reach the new YZF600 Thundercat.

Dream bikes for sale: 1995 Bimota YB9SR

Their 104 HP of power at 11,750 rpm They were enough to make piloting this YB9SR quite an experience. Alan Cathcart He defined it perfectly when in his personal test of the model for Cycle World he explained:

“It's a true supercar contender, with a cheeky focus on the racetrack, a testimonial passenger seat and aggressive styling based on that of Bimota's Tesi ES. “Bimota has hit the nail on the head for the second time in the supersport objective”.

Dream bikes for sale: 1995 Bimota YB9SR

And continues: “The throttle response on the YB9SR is so vivid that you run the risk of momentarily spinning the rear wheel when rolling over bumpy surfaces, even if you twist your wrist carefully.”

Concludes: “But the instant acceleration you get from just 3,000 rpm (the big power hit happens around 8,000 rpm) is a big reward for this fairly sudden throttle response.”

Dream bikes for sale: 1995 Bimota YB9SR

It is clear that Bimota worked conscientiously to be able to make the most of the virtues of the Japanese engine. For this he endowed this YB9SR of an excellent cycle part, in which elements such as a 41mm Paioli fork on its front or a braking signed by Brembo with double 320 mm disc on the front axle.

Once the presentations have been made, now it's time to try to get hold of this beautiful Bimota YB9SR from 1995for which currently the highest figure that has been offered is $7,700, about 7,165 euros, with just a few hours left to finish the bidding.

If any of you are willing to increase this offer, you can do so by clicking here. Remember that this incredible specimen is found in Birmingham, Alabama, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. Luck!

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