Ducati 748 SP from ’95 with 8 km, in box and without starting

If your dream is the most sporty variant, the Ducati 748 SP from the year 95, you are in luck. Iconic auctions For sale is a unit in perfect condition and with only 5 miles on the marker, that is, 8 km.

As a matter of fact, this motorcycle was born a year after the introduction of the 748 in the market. At that moment, Ducati created the SP for homologation purposes in the 600 Supersport category and, curiously, this machine was never officially sold in the United States, so there, it is even more exclusive.

Improvements in the version SP included floating front discs Brembo 320 mm cast iron, a shock absorber Öhlinssingle-seat alloy subframe, oil radiator, exhaust Termignoniand some more trinkets.

This particular unit (VIN: ZDM748S000279, Engine #: ZDM748W4000165) was imported to the US in 1995 and, according to the seller, is one of two units that came from Italy to the US. And, As we never tire of telling you, the odometer only reads 8 km (5 miles).

Ducati 748 SP from 95

According to the current owner: “Miles driven are strictly push miles. The bike never started and never had fuel; “The battery isn’t even connected.”

The bike has been upgraded with five-spoke Marchesini wheels and various Ducati Performance carbon fiber parts. In addition, the sale includes the original parts and all related documentation. The original delivery wooden box is also included.

Ducati 748 SP from 95

What is the Ducati 748 SP from the year 95 like?

The Ducati 748 SP from 1995 has some special characteristics that we are going to list below. The mechanical heart is a 4-stroke, L-twin, water-cooled engine with a displacement of 748 cc.

This engine is well known for its linear power delivery and distinctive exhaust sound. The frame of the 748 SP It is a steel tube chassis that provides excellent rigidity and enviable agility. In fact, this chassis is the evolution of the architecture used in racing motorcycles. Ducati.

Ducati 748 SP from 95

In the suspension section we find high-end components, such as the inverted front fork and the adjustable rear shock absorber, all Öhlins. These elements provide magnificent behavior and control in unusual curves.

On the other hand, in the brakes section we find that it is equipped with brakes Brembo high-end brakes, which offer excellent braking power and precise modulation.

Ducati 748 SP from 95

Of course, style is very important. It is a Ducati black leg The design of the Ducati 748 SP reflects its sporting heritage, with aggressive, aerodynamic lines that not only improve its appearance, but also its performance on the circuit.

Finally, exclusivity. The 748 SP It is a special edition that incorporates high-performance features and cutting-edge technology, for the time, of course. All of these features made it a very popular choice among high-performance sports motorcycle enthusiasts and, of course, collectors.

Ducati 748 SP from 95

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