Ducati's DosMares Pyrenees 2024 Route finalizes the details of this new edition

Last February the Route DosMares Pyrenees 2024 It opened its registration period and now, from the organization, they offer us the latest details to take into account to enjoy the event to the fullest. Remember that the route crosses from the Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterranean. From San Sebastián to Caldes de Malavella.

DosMares Pyrenees 2024 It is a unique experience that guarantees enjoying motorcycles through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, crossing the Pyrenees from east to west.

It is a non-competitive three-stage route, open to all brands of motorcycles with a displacement greater than 250 cc, which will take place from May 9 to 13which can be done alone, with a passenger and with a group of friends.

The fun and anecdotes will go from the Basque Country to the Costa Brava, on a route in which you can enjoy not only the motorcycle, but also the views, the gastronomy and the incentives that Ducati has prepared.

Ducati's DosMares Pyrenees Route finalizes the details of this new 2024 edition

As a brand ambassador, DosMares Pyrenees 2024 Alicia Sornosa, traveler and journalist specialized in the world of two wheels, will also participate. She is the only European and Spanish-speaking woman to go around the world with her motorcycle in this century, and participants will be able to share experiences and chat with her throughout the journey.

Guided by a carefully studied roadbook, the route will allow you to enjoy the coastal roads, mountain passes and the endless landscapes of the secondary roads in good condition that link the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Ducati's DosMares Pyrenees Route finalizes the details of this new 2024 edition

All this, with the comfort for moments of rest in 4 star hotels, where you can recover in its thermal circuits or heated pools. Furthermore, for the dinners, Ducati has prepared different surprises for the participants, such as a raffle that will consist of enjoying a Multistrada V4 S or the new DesertX Rally during one of the days.

The three stages of the DosMares Pyrenees Route 2024

After the reception of the participants on the afternoon of May 9, the first stage of the route DosMares Pyrenees 2024 will take place on Friday the 10th and will consist of 363 kilometers. Starting in San Sebastián, the route will cross Navarra following the directions in the roadbook towards Panticosa, Aragón, specifically its four-star resort.

Ducati's DosMares Pyrenees Route finalizes the details of this new 2024 edition

The next day others are waiting 390 kilometers heading to Catalonia. After crossing countless mountain passes and an optional off-road section, with an alternative route planned for asphalt, the stage will end at a hotel in the heart of the old town of La Seu d'Urgell.

A good breakfast will be the prologue to the stage on the last day of DosMares Pyrenees 2024, which begins with a route that reaches Cap de Creus. Concludes after 344 kilometers at the Vichy Catalán Spa, so that participants can enjoy the thermal waters and rest in an idyllic location, in the town of Caldes de Malavella.

Ducati's DosMares Pyrenees Route finalizes the details of this new 2024 edition

In order to follow the route, navigation will be through a paper or electronic roadbook (using a mobile application or tablet), with the possibility of renting a Tripy II electronic roadbook at the time of registration if you do not have your own.

However, no rider will be left behind or get lost thanks to the tracking beacon that all participants will carry on their motorcycles. For more information about the event, please visit the official website of the event.

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