What if you were prohibited from taking your car out during the weekend? It is something raised in Germany…

Driving has always been related to freedom of movement, with being able to go where we want when we want. This is how we think when we get our driving license when we come of age and many of us keep it as a resource to disconnect. However, now they could also regulate it with more prohibitions. In Germany they are considering a drastic measure that consists of prohibit taking the car out during the weekend to the drivers. It could be a threat that does not materialize, but that is in the air is already worrying.

It is an issue that has been brought to the fore Volker Wissing, German Minister of Transport, who in a letter said that these types of measures would have to be reached if amendments to the current climate law are not introduced first. It may be more of a political tool than anything else, because said minister has always opposed other measures such as speed limits on highways. However, the reality is that in Germany emissions targets are not being met and that if they don't do something before summer, they could have to reach such strict prohibitions to achieve them.

In Germany, emissions are regulated by large sectors and in transport there is a target of reduce by 65% ​​between 1990 and 2030. In 2023, what was established was not met and this year it will not be achieved either, which would mean the introduction of a package of emergency measures to quickly reduce emissions. That is precisely what Wissing seeks to avoid by asking for a compensation amendment. This means that the transport sector can exceed emissions if it is compensated by another large sector that emits below the objectives.

As we said, these decisions They have a lot of political overtones and the opposition has cried foul with the proposal. They believe that the ban on driving on Saturdays and Sundays that the Minister of Transport threatens only “seeks to stoke fear in the population” and take advantage of it. In any case, the direction that Germany is taking is quite critical and it does restrictive measures could come to reduce their emissions. In Spain we will continue to hope that it has not served as an idea for our politicians to make similar decisions.

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