The beautiful Felo FW-03 with a nineties design arrives in our country to give life to your trips

Felo Moto launches in Spain the new FW-03the second member of its range of models, sold exclusively throughout Spanish territory, as well as in Andorra and Portugal, for Wellta Motors. The founder of the brand, Zhang Jingyihas captured in the two models launched so far all the experience previously acquired during his time at Honda.

Among other aspects, Felo Moto highlights the integration of the battery in the structure of its motorcycles, as part of the chassis, which promotes perfect weight distribution and therefore efficient dynamics. The Asian firm's models also benefit from the company's experience in competition thanks to the Felo Gresini Racing Teampresent in the MotoE world championship.

Felo expands its range of models in our country with the new FW-03

The new one FW-03 It is positioned one step below the FW-06 (the brand's first model in our country) within the Felo range. The FW-03 has a compact size: it measures 1,760 mm in length and its seat is located 760 mm from the ground, which, together with its 90 kilos of weight, make it an agile and versatile motorcycle.

Furthermore, due to its small dimensions, the FW-03 is ideal to serve as a support vehicle for those users or owners of caravans, motorhomes and large camper vans, since it can be easily transported in the trunk of these. It also adapts perfectly to the needs of rental companies, as well as the tourism and hotel sector.

Felo FW-03 in detail

As with its range sister, the FW-06, the new FW-03 has a battery that is made up of cells from the specialist manufacturer EVE, whose components can also be found in top-level electric car manufacturers. It offers a 5-year warranty and autonomy of up to 120 kilometers thanks to its ability to 4.18 kWh (72 V and 58 Ah).

The Felo FW-03 It includes a type 2 charging connector as standard, capable of a full charge in 3.5 hours. In addition, a type 2 portable charger with a conventional plug is included in the price to facilitate charging for any user who does not have a vehicle charging device in their home.

Felo makes official the launch of its new FW-03 in our country

The performance section is in the hands of an electric motor that, positioned centrally, delivers 6 kW of maximum power and 32 Nm of torque. It offers us a strong power delivery and a good level of solvency in both urban traffic and Offroad driving with a declared maximum speed of 85km/h.

In terms of technology and equipment, the FW-03 It has regenerative braking, a reversing system or a 5-inch screen with TFT technology that is linked to the Felo App, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Felo makes official the launch of its new FW-03 in our country

This application allows you to see everything related to the motorcycle, such as the percentage of the battery while it is charging, the charging cycles and the remaining autonomy, as well as start the motorcycle, see the routes taken, know the location in real time and more data .

Felo FW-03: Versions, customization and price

The new FW-03 will be available in two versions; the Red&Blue (finished in red, blue and white) and the Limited Edition SIC58. In both versions you can choose On and Offroad configurations, with tires aimed at road or field use.

Felo makes official the launch of its new FW-03 in our country

The configuration Limited Edition SIC 58 It is born from a collaboration with the team of former world champion Marco Simoncelli. It is designed by Felo Moto, – SIC58 Squadra Corse and Paolo Simoncelli, father of Marco Simoncelli himself.

In its design, with striking red stripes and leopard spots, you can see the inspiration coming from Simoncelli's racing suits and helmets. This exclusive edition will have a Limited production worldwide of 580 units.

Felo makes official the launch of its new FW-03 in our country

The new one Felo FW-03 It is available now at the brand's official dealers for a special introductory price of €4,995 for the Red&Blue and €5,495 for the Limited Edition SIC58.

The brand also offers us its purchasing method called Battery Flex. Through this, you can buy the motorcycle in cash for an amount of 2,400 euros and finance the amount related to the battery from 45 euros per month.

Felo makes official the launch of its new FW-03 in our country

There is also the option of traditional financing with installments that will start from 74 euros per month, as well as renting for companies and individuals with all services included starting at 128 euros per month. More information on the brand's official website or at any of the authorized distributors that collaborate with Felo in our country.

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