e-Access, Suzuki's first electric scooter, will arrive at the end of the year

Suzuki India is charting its route into the electric scooter market. Thus, the Indian delegation of the Japanese factory will unveil, at the end of the year, the electrified version of its most powerful scooter, the e-Access.

Although in the past we saw the company cautiously testing its electric vision of the Burgmana change in strategy places the Access as Suzuki's first electric scooter in this interesting Indian voltaic race.

What do we know so far about the Suzuki e-Access?

This electric scooter could adopt the name “e-Access“, following the nomenclatural trend of suzukias seen with the e-Burgman. Furthermore, in terms of aesthetics and configuration, suzuki will adopt an approach similar to that of e-Burgman. Model that we already talked to you about quite extensively in the past.

This means that although the overall styling and body components of the e-Access Resembling the established internal combustion model, it will sport a distinctive blue paint scheme to highlight its commitment to the environment.

Beyond these details, no information has been revealed about engine power, battery type or actual range. Of course, it is speculated that its performance will rival that of a conventional 125 cc scooter.

Regarding the technical characteristics, suzuki It is intended not to overwhelm e-Access with an endless array of devices, thus keeping the overall low cost in check. This is because the brand has been scrutinizing the electric vehicle market, recognizing the importance of properly pricing the product to determine its success or failure.

Despite the growing expectation that this news is creating, unfortunately, Suzuki India plans to closely observe the movements of other Japanese brands such as Sling and yamaha. Based on your plays, they will make a more precise determination on the release date of the e-Access in India.

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Suzuki e-Access

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