Tesla Model 3 Performance: the expected top of the range arrives

The renewed Tesla Model 3 is one of those electric vehicles that attracts the attention of the general public due to its capabilities and its recently reduced prices. Its range is quite complete, although some still missed a specimen with a sporting character. For those looking for maximum performance in the electric sedan, the Tesla Model 3 Performance. It surprises with its numbers and is already announced with a starting price of 55,990 euros in Spain, not bad considering that performance.

This version has no less than 460 HP of power thanks to the combination of two electric motors. It is the same configuration as the Great Autonomy AWD, but with an increase in power to surpass it by more than 100 HP. There is a difference compared to the American version, which talks about 510 HP, although it maintains the benefits. In this new Performance we see a surprising acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and a maximum speed that reaches up to 262 km/h.

Although it is not just that he runs more, it is also make it better. For this, it launches an adaptive damping system in its chassis, which also receives tweaks to the stabilizer bars. There is no lack of larger and more capable Performance brakes or the improved aerodynamics through the bumpers, the rear diffuser or the carbon fiber spoiler. In addition, the Track Mode has been recalibrated to give more customization options to the user who ventures with it on a circuit.

On an aesthetic level you can see some improvements beyond the spoiler or the renovated bumpers. This copy has the Performance tires forged to reduce unsprung masses and inside we see new ventilated and heated sports seats. The cabin also matches thanks to the light carbon fiber decoration and a specific weaving pattern. Its equipment does not lack the 8-inch rear screen or the brand's 17-speaker sound system.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance has the same battery as the Long Range version, although with the increase in performance its autonomy remains at 528 kilometers. The weight is also slightly higher (1,851 kg), but it makes up for it with the performance and adjustments of the chassis. We have already said that it has a starting price of 55,990 euros currently, which is an extra cost of 6,000 euros compared to the other all-wheel drive version.

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