Everything ready for the world debut of the Bear 650, the new Royal Enfield model

Rumors about the arrival of the new Bear 650 They increase after a test mule was recently caught, in full dynamic testing, among Indian traffic. In addition, you can clearly see how the brand has polished most of the aspects that will make up its new frame.

Everything indicates that this Bear 650, or Bear 650 Interceptor According to information from local media such as Gaadi Waadi, it will become the brand's first scrambler model to carry the well-known 648 cc parallel twin engine currently used by other Royal Enfield frames.

As we already told you before, the future Bear 650 Interceptor It will be part of the strategic and commercial plan of the Indo-British brand, with which they intend to develop a complete range of models with which to reach a broader spectrum of audiences. To do this, using its current platforms, it shapes specific variants like this one. Bear 650.

Recently, we showed you images of test mules in full action, one of them possibly being Bear 650. Although the possibility that it ends up being commercially called Scram 650. It would be joined by another simpler variant that would be positioned as an entry model to Royal's 650 range: The Classic 650.

What can we expect from the new Bear 650?

Taking into account that this Bear 650 will be responsible for covering the market space dedicated to scrambler frames, it is expected that Royal Enfield Opt for 18- and 17-inch wheels shod with mixed tires on radial-type rims.

Inverted front fork and a double lateral shock absorber would take care of the suspensions, most likely with a little more travel than the standard Interceptor. In addition, it would have a powerful exhaust system, with a marked scrambler style, as well as minimalist finishes and a fuel tank with muscular lines.

Everything ready for the world debut of the Bear 650, the new Royal Enfield model

All this accompanied by the everlasting Royal mechanics: the well-known 648 cc parallel twin engine, with mixed air and oil cooling and an electronic injection feeding system. A final power of about 47 HP and about 52 Nm of torque maximum, similar to that offered by its range sisters.

Everything indicates that the Bear 650 It is in its final phase of development and it is very likely that the brand will launch its global launch very soon. It is estimated that the starting price in India is around 365,000 rupees, about 4,100 eurosa price to which various taxes will have to be added to know its final rate in European markets.

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