Has Royal Enfield launched a Shotgun 350? No, but this one…. You're going to love it!

If something does not exist, it is invented. That's what they must have thought from Baxter Cycle when they decided to build their own Royal Enfield Shotgun 350. A truly striking preparation, which would satisfy the desire for “something more” of all those followers of the brand who are waiting like May rain for a scale version of the new Shotgun 650.

As we all know, at the beginning of 2024 Royal launched its long-awaited Shotgun 650 on the market, a frame where the British brand mixes, in just the right measure, between the brand's lineage and the Custom spirit that radiates from all four sides. In addition, it is capable of being the most efficient in urban traffic or facing any road trip, making us enjoy driving it.

However, Royal Enfield has not simultaneously released a smaller displacement version, as is the case, for example, with the Super Meteor 650 and its little sister, the Meteor 350.

But that is no longer a problem for lovers of the brand, since an American trainer has been in charge of creating his own Shotgun 350, full of good details and full of personality. Let's get to know her.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 by Baxter Cycle in detail

In the very presentation of this Shotgun 350the Baxter Cycle team asks: “How do you know you want it if it doesn't exist?” AND to answer themselves, they made their own Meteor/Shotgun hybrid.

To do this, they used a Meteor 350 as a base to which they added, among other elements, a wider handlebar, 17” alloy wheels from a Hunter 350 or a complete exhaust from a Classic 350.

As we see, the final hybrid not only involves the use of the Meteor 350 as the main element of the project. There are pieces from other models in the same range as this one, which are also responsible for giving the final shape to the Shotgun 350 which was sought from the beginning.

Has Royal Enfield launched a Shotgun 350… no, but you are going to love this one!

A pair of YSS side wiper shock absorbers, Diablo fork protectors or a small tinted windscreen over its headlight are also part of the accessories that make up this Shotgun 350 preparation.

To finish, the Baxter Cycle team installed a pair of mirrors on the ends of the handlebars, a single-seater seat, in black leather and white stitching, and a matte black was applied to most of the body parts.

Has Royal Enfield launched a Shotgun 350… no, but you are going to love this one!

Mechanically, there are no notable changes, so the 349 cc air-oil-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder continues to offer a final power of 20.48 HP at 6,100 rpm, while the maximum torque is around 27 Nm at 4,000 revolutions.

Notice to sailors. This Royal Enfield Shotgun 350 “homemade” is for sale on the official Baxter Cycle website. So, if any of you dare or dreamed of this model at any time, now you have it easier than ever to enjoy the first and only copy that exists so far.

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