Honda CB125R 2024 – Technical Data Sheet, Photos and Price

Three years after its last renewal the CB125R receives a profound update for 2024. Among the most significant changes is the adaptation of its engine to the upcoming regulations EURO5+ in anti-pollution matters, as well as improvements in part of the cycle and equipment.

In this way the model Honda Neo Sports Cafe This year it has a new 5-inch TFT instrument cluster (inherited from the CB1000R), controlled by a new set of switches and even 4 new color schemes.

Rivals of the Honda CB125R 2024

Within the tight category where this competes CB125R We find a wide range of models and styles, among which we would highlight the following:

Honda CB125R 2024

Honda CB125R 2024 engine

Without a doubt the adaptation of the propeller of this CB125R 2024 to the new EURO5+ emissions objectives is one of its main novelties for this season. To do this, the small Japanese mount incorporates a new catalyst in the exhaust system, without losing performance.

The single-cylinder is maintained 125cc, 4-stroke, 4 valves, DOHC and liquid cooling, with internal dimensions of 57.3 x 48.4 mm and a compression ratio of 11.3:1. This is associated with a six-speed gearbox and fed by a PGM-FI gasoline injection system. The exhaust is suspended from below and its exit is through a double-chamber silencer.

Honda CB125R 2024

The result is a declared power of 15 HP at 10,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 11.6 Nm at 8,000 rpm. With a consumption that allows you to do 45.5 km/l (WMTC mode), lThe CB125R can travel about 460 km on one tank. For its part, the maximum declared speed of 105km/hcovering the 200 m from a standstill in 11.3 s.

Cycle part of the Honda CB125R 2024

The new CB125R stands out for its tubular structure and pressed steel frame, lattice type. The swingarm is made of steel plate, with an irregular cross section. The launch angle and caster are set at 24.2° and 90.2 mm respectively.

Honda CB125R 2024

The 41mm inverted Showa fork, Separate Function Large Piston (SFF-BP), uses a pressure separation damper on one of the fork legs and a spring mechanism on the other. Together with the use of a larger piston the result is greater feel, better bump absorption and greater control. The rear shock absorber is not adjustable.

The braking equipment includes a 296mm floating discwithout bushing, which works with a Nissin 4-piston radial-mount caliper, and 220 mm rear disc with a single-piston caliper. Both clamps are modulated by a 2 channel ABS. This system works through a IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to achieve a precise distribution of ABS intervention front and rear depending on the behavior of the vehicle.

Honda CB125R 2024

The entire system is anchored in 17” wheels fitted, in this case with radial tires in sizes of 110/70R and 150/60R. On the other hand, the CB125R has a weight distribution of 51.5% front and 48.5% rear and a curb weight 130 kg. The distance between the axles is 1,345mmwhile the seat height is fixed in the 816mm.

Equipment and finishes of the Honda CB125R 2024

The style of the CB125R It follows the “Neo Sports Café” design lines of the CB1000R. For the 2024 model, the incorporation of a high-visibility, full-color 5-inch TFT instrument screen, inherited from the CB1000R, stands out.

Honda CB125R 2024

The screen offers four types of speed and rpm display (analog or bar, depending on the driver's preferences), as well as gasoline level and consumption, gear engaged, and a customizable gear up warning on the tachometer. It is controlled by a new left-hand switch pad that is both elegant and intuitive.

The cutaway tail is compact at the end and holds the rear fender mount. The footrest supports for both the driver and passenger are made of aluminum. Full LED lighting (including turn signals) contributes to mass centralization.

Honda CB125R 2024

The headlight uses a unique double light bar arrangement, the upper one for the low beam and the lower one for the high beam, while the taillight remains narrow and elegant. He 10.1 L fuel tank It is hidden under an angled cover and protective covers and has an aircraft-style filler cap.

The 2024 CB125R features large, color-matched CB125R logos on the radiator caps and negative-color Honda Wing logos on the tank. The only exception is the Cynos Matte Gray Metallic version, which is unique within the range, with gold CB125R and Honda Wing logos on the radiator and tank covers respectively.

Honda CB125R 2024

In addition, Honda offers us a complete range of original accessories for the CB125R what includes:

  • 5-level heated grips with memory function
  • 15L rear seat bag, expandable up to 22L, with rain cover
  • 12V ACC socket

Honda CB125R 2024

Colors of the Honda CB125R 2024

This season, Honda's eighth-liter naked will feature up to four new color schemes:

  • Matte Cynos Gray Metallic with keel and radiator covers in Black
  • Cool White Pearl with keel and radiator covers Matte Cynos Gray Metallic
  • Navy Blue Reef Metallic with keel and radiator covers in Matte Cynos Gray Metallic
  • Pearl Splendor Red with keel and radiator covers in Matte Cynos Gray Metallic

Honda CB125R 2024

Price of the Honda CB125R 2024

For now, the Japanese firm has not communicated the official price of its new CB125R 2024. For more information you can visit the official Honda website or visit any of the authorized distributors with which the brand works in our country.

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