Honda DAX125 “Puppy Racer”, the latest genius from K-Speed

The Thai coach K-Speed returns on his own terms with this one Honda DAX125 “Puppy Racer”a frame where they put aside the versatility that stands out in the citizen model of the Japanese firm, giving it the house's trademark radical touch, where the color black becomes the protagonist of its shapes.

As we have seen in previous K-Speed ​​works, such as the Triumph 400X “Diabolus Scrambler” by K-Speed ​​or the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub by K-Speed, this DAX125 “Puppy Racer” It collects all the wisdom of Eak, founder of the workshop, and his team, to delight us with a preparation full of personality.

Honda DAX125 “Puppy Racer” in detail

Furthermore, on this occasion, as argued by Bike Exif, the idea of ​​creating a customization with a DAX as a base had been on Eak's mind for quite some time, since he enjoyed a copy, in its 50 cc version, when it was Teen. So why not turn a simple DAX125 into an aggressive café racer?

To achieve the final result, K-Speed ​​has used, as it usually does, a wide range of accessories Diabolusa brand owned by the trainer, and under which they develop a wide range of products aimed at customizing different motorcycle models.

Honda DAX125 "Puppy Racer"the latest genius from K-Speed

This “Puppy Racer” It is equipped, among others, with:

  • New front axle with inverted fork and seat post
  • Diabolus side rear shock absorbers
  • 14” lenticular wheels
  • Larger diameter brake discs
  • Metal hoses
  • Lengthened and reinforced swingarm
  • Custom single seat saddle
  • Front and rear fender removal
  • Handmade rear rack
  • Adapted license plate holder, etc.

But this is not all, since the team K-Speed I add to this DAX125 “Puppy Racer” a sports handlebar, Diabolus grips, custom mirrors and mini turn signals, with LED lighting, in line with the style and size of the model.

Honda DAX125 "Puppy Racer"the latest genius from K-Speed

The instrument panel was also relocated, now positioned on the left side, just below the central spike that makes up the chassis. To finish the job, a Diabolus exhaust system was fitted and a set of set back footpegs were installed.

Finally, a matte black was applied as a color scheme, offering a really attractive “bad” image. You can find all the information about this Honda DAX125 “Puppy Racer” on the official K-Speed ​​website.

Honda DAX125 "Puppy Racer"the latest genius from K-Speed

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