Is the Honda CB650R a good bike for a veteran?

With more than 30 years of riding behind him, and always on medium-displacement scooters or trail bikes with a maximum of 80 HP, at 57 years old Antonio is considering making the leap to naked motorcycles. Specifically, he is considering the Honda CB650R, and asks us if it is a good option for someone his age.

Although 57 years old is a good age, a great age at which to continue enjoying the motorcycle, it is also true that the desire to complicate life is less. Presumably, experience makes motorcycles more comfortable to ride and that is precisely where you have to tune as much as possible.

At the outset, two important things must be taken into account, not only in the Honda CB650R but in any naked. Although it may sound obvious, it must be clear that aerodynamic protection is zero, totally zero, with what that implies. That is to say, no matter how you wear, the wind will give you more than if you wear any type of fairing.

That said, the riding position of the Honda CB650R is comfortable like that of almost all naked motorcycles on the market, so leaving aside the wind, neither its dimensions, nor its weight nor its position are going to generate any problems for someone with experience. In fact, even for people without experience there is limited sales for the A2.

It is an easy to ride, very well finished and fun motorcycle that bears the Honda seal. So we can say that whoever chooses a Honda CB650R is not making a mistake. Even so, as always, we recommend that if possible request a trial to see if it really fits you.

Alternative to the Honda CB650R

And although Antonio has not asked us for alternatives, and with the use that he will make of the motorcycle on a daily basis and for everything, the Honda CB650R is a great ally, taking advantage of the fact that you are visiting a Honda dealership it might be good to take a look at it. the CB750 Hornet. The concept is different in the sense that the engine is twin-cylinder, but it is also a fun motorcycle, which feels light and costs less money, about 1,000 euros less.

The Honda Hornet is efficient, fun and playful

The Honda CB650R has a little more power, but the Hornet’s twin is really spicy, has a little more torque and is playful. As for the rest of the important aspects, which are comfort, maneuverability and position, honestly either of the two options will be good. It’s more a matter of taste.

Of course Antonio, if you try them you might want to take both… you have been warned.

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