KYMCO will be in charge of manufacturing the LiveWire S3

KYMCO and LiveWire They work together on the staging of the company's next electric motorcycle, that is, the future LiveWire S3. This is demonstrated by some patent reports of KYMCO that we just met.

In the last month of 2021, Harley-Davidson made the decision to split LiveWire, transforming it into an independent entity. In this movement, Harley-Davidson also unveiled its ambitious future plans based on the Arrow modular platform. Base that currently serves as the platform for the models S2 Del Mar and the recently presented S2 Mulholland.

In parallel, the company revealed an exciting partnership with the factory KYMCO of Taiwan, aimed at developing a reduced version of the Arrow platform, called S3.

At the time, after the crash in the stock market LiveWirethe financial support of KYMCO was significant, since the Taiwanese company invested 100 million dollars in the electrical delegation of Harley-Davidson (LiveWire). This investment was complemented by Harley-Davidson when LiveWire was established as a separate entity. Although harley maintains most of the control over LiveWire, KYMCO acquired a 4% stake.

LiveWire S3

The versatility of the Arrow platform is one of its strengths. Designed to adapt to various needs, it uses an aluminum battery box as its main structure, with interchangeable front and rear subframes that allow flexibility in the design of EV motorcycles. Additionally, this platform can accommodate a wide variety of motors and batteries, whether air or liquid cooled. This covers a wide spectrum of performance and pricing.

Although the first model has not yet been presented LiveWire S3, expectations are very high. In fact, the product portfolio launched during the creation of LiveWire as an independent entity in 2021 suggested close collaboration with the Koreans, with the aim of «reduce the Arrow architecture to a 2-wheeled light vehicle platform«.

These are the new patents from KYMCO and LiveWire

Now, as we are telling you, a patent for KYMCO It's generating quite a bit of interest. This patent shows an Arrow-inspired chassis, engine, and swingarm, all present on the original RevoNEX motorcycle concept from 2018. Although it could be a red herring, as the original RevoNEX had a completely different design. This new patent KYMCO provides specific details about the location of an IMU on the bike's chassis, proposing that these images could represent the design of a future model.

Notable changes include a completely different seat subframe. This is one of the modular elements of the Arrow platform, which differs from current designs of the LiveWire S2 Del Mar and S2 Mulholland. Since this is the location of the IMU in the patent, it is likely that these drawings are accurate and are giving us a glimpse into the future foundations of the model. KYMCO and LiveWire.


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