One in every four electric cars sold in Europe will come from China

If the presence of new chinese manufacturers On our continent it was very marked last 2023, it seems that this year the trend will continue to rise. Especially when we talk about electrification. The first reports say that one in four electric cars that are sold in Europe will come from China in 2024. A quite illuminating data that revives the debate on the need to impose tariffs on this type of models, something that is being valued by the European Union.

In 2023, 19.5% of Chinese cars were registered among the total electric cars sold and, after the first quarter of the year, it is estimated that 2024 will end above. The key to achieving these figures are the prices, which are below those offered in electric models of European origin. And that can only be achieved through a more affordable production cost. It is said that in China they are 20% cheaper battery cells lithium-ion and that is vital, taking into account that this element is the most expensive that electric vehicles have.

Although that doesn't always mean that the cars come from Chinese manufacturers, there are also some brands of other origin those who manufacture there to save costs. For example, Tesla, Volvo, Dacia or BMW are some of those that work in this way and make 44% of the vehicles that are manufactured in China and imported into Europe. they are not totally chinese. Nor should we forget MG, which many still consider a British firm and has all its machinery in China. In any case, this upward trend could increase in the coming years.

As for the tariff issue, they could make the European and Chinese mid-size models they were equal in price, while the compact and large ones would continue to be slightly cheaper than those of Chinese origin. It is the measure that some experts point out as vital for local manufacturers to compete. Although it must also be taken into account that these reports have observed that electric cars are on “stand by” and that do not drive sales growth as they had been doing until now.

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