There are some Honda Monkey Star Wars Edition!

Star Wars is one of the reference and historical science fiction films, and the Honda Monkey is one of the reference and historical pocket motorcycles in this two-wheeled world. So putting A and B together results in the Honda Monkey Star Wars Edition, a unique and iconic version.

It will not really be unique as such, because there will be a total of 300 units distributed between the dark side and the light side of the force. The units of each will be exactly in half, lest anyone be able to talk about favoritism on one side or the other, and we will have another fratricidal fight…

The fact is that the Honda Monkey Star Wars Edition is based on the already more than proven Honda Monkey, although as is logical, they include different decorations and colors. We already saw a while ago how HJC, Ruroc and Yamaha made commemorative versions available to the most fans of the saga.

The Honda Monkey Star Wars Edition are full of details

Customization is strong on these bikes. Although the space that can be customized is not much in a small Monkey, they have found a way for both the dark side and the light side to be present.

In storage it is a key piece in the decoration, although perhaps that was the most obvious But when it comes to taking advantage, even the light swing arm has been used to place famous phrases on each side. On the dark side, the mythical: “I am your father” (if you are a fan you already know that Darth Vader said just that and not the phrase that we all remember). Meanwhile, on the light side of the force appears Yoda's phrase “Do it or don't do it, but don't try.”

To all these details we must add that the pack includes a jacket with Star Wars patches, keychains, badges and two lightsabers! Unfortunately, all the packs were destined for the Thai market, but they also sold out in a matter of hours.

Its exchange price for the entire pack was 2,900 euros, so we only have to wait for some owner to decide to take a cut to get a second-hand unit.

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