This year the Bajaj NS400 will arrive, the top of the naked range

Not too long ago we learned about the plans of Bajaj to launch in the not too distant future the NS400. And, by the way, this attractive and modern naked would become the most impressive of this family in the history of the firm.

Since the top leadership of the Indian company announced this project, a wave of speculation has surrounded this launch. For this reason, we now give you everything we know for sure to this day. Which, by the way, is quite a bit.

This will be the future Bajaj NS400

Based on the brand Pressa firm also belonging to the Indian giant, Bajaj is immersed in the development of its most powerful and largest version to date. As we are telling you, it is also expected that it will be named after NS400 and will take design elements from the NS200. But, obviously, the mechanical heart of it has been extracted from another larger model of the Indian conglomerate.

For the propulsion of the NS400, Bajaj will use the 373 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine from the Master 400 and paired to a 6-speed transmission. Although this engine has its roots in the previous generation of the KTM Duke 390has been adjusted to suit the specific character of the Master 400. Now, this mechanics delivers a power of 40 hp and a maximum torque of 35 Nm.

Bajaj NS400

It is quite likely that the Indian manufacturer will modify this engine to better adapt it to the character of the NS400, possibly adjusting gear ratios and power delivery. In this way, a sensation will be achieved that is more in line with the sporty driving style demanded by the NS400.

An option that was initially considered, but which has been officially ruled out by the brand, was the incorporation of the engine block developed in collaboration with Triumph for the new ones Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400, launched last year and which have already had great success in the Indian market. However, it seems that Bajaj has chosen to follow its own path incorporating the propellant of the Master 400.

As we have learned, it is expected that the Bajaj NS400 make its debut this year, more specifically in the second quarter. That is, between April and June. By the way, in the Asian media there is speculation that the launch price of the new Bajaj NS400 will be higher than the Master 400. But, logically, it will be below the new Triumph 400 manufactured by Bajaj.

This will position it as the most expensive option for Bajaj. As for the machines with which the copper will have to be beaten in the dealerships, you will mainly face the Triumph Speed ​​400the KTM 390 Duke and the new TVS RTR 310.

Bajaj NS400

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