MG EXE181 Concept: seeking maximum electric speed

Although many do not remember it, in 1959 MG broke an epic speed record For this epoch. With the EX181, which they named “Roaring Raindrop” due to its shape, they managed to reach a top speed of 410.5 km/h. This milestone can only be understood by saying that it lasted more than half a century, until Bugatti took it from them in 2014. Now they want to commemorate this record with a prototype very focused on maximum speed. Is called MG EXE181 Concept and it debuted at the Beijing Motor Show, before going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This example is a review of its performance in competition during the last century, a kind of union between MG's heritage and its hopeful future. Now the MG EXE181 Concept has been made by the Advanced Design Center of the brand in London and boasts of being an example that will establish the future of electric sports cars. We have already seen how the production MG Cyberster surprised by remaining practically a registrable prototype and something like that could happen in the future with this one.

To achieve the maximum speed of a vehicle it is key to have a very fine-tuned aerodynamics. Resistance is what causes speed to be lost and very high values ​​cannot be reached, so we worked on a teardrop-shaped single-seat body like the original model. There are many more additions and a futuristic image, through the optics or the partially faired wheels. All this to get a coefficient of just 0.181 Cxwhich is a very outstanding value and that allows you to stand out.

Not many details have been given about his electric propulsion system, but it could be made up of four motors, one located on each wheel. There is no data on the power, battery size or weight of the vehicle, but it would also be interesting if it were very powerful and light. At least, we can intuit that by reading that the MG EXE181 Concept has a maximum speed of 415 km/h and that it would be capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 1 second. A brutality that is still a virtual render, but that will be realized at the Goodwood Festival in the month of July.

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