MITT 808 2024 – Technical Data Sheet, Photos and Price

The range MITT 808 2024 arrives at the dealerships of the Spanish firm made up of three models that share engines and a strong personality oriented towards the fervent followers of custom-cruiser motorcycles.

The company of Marivent Jets, MITT, continues to expand its range of products in the market, this time focusing its attention on the medium displacement segment. With an innovative approach, MITT introduces a surprising product that seeks to revive the most authentic roots.

This incursion materializes in a triple bet, designed to satisfy a variety of tastes and sensibilities within the custom culture. The meticulous level of detail and purity in every aspect define this new family of motorcycles, offering a refreshing alternative in a market where the true essence of this style.

The MITT 808 2024 It embodies the classic spirit with elegant lines, the Big Foot 808 2024 It embraces an innovative bobber concept, standing out for its rounded rear thanks to a large rear tire. The culmination of the range comes with the Traveler 808 2024, a 100% North American bagger style cruiser. All of these machines masterfully combine traditional elements with avant-garde touches, creating a refined and distinctive neo-retro image.

MITT 808 2024

Rivals MITT 808 2024

Among the rivals of these interesting Spanish custom motorcycles, brands such as Sling, Kawasaki, Morini Motorcycle and Royal Enfield.

MITT 808 2024

MITT 808 2024

This model stands out as the most conservative member of the family in terms of aesthetics, exhibiting simple lines that reflect its philosophy of being a quiet motorcycle suitable for long journeys. It stands out for the position of the footpegs, which opt for a central arrangement instead of the advanced controls, thus promoting an extremely natural driving position.

The seat, positioned just 760 mm from the ground, ensures remarkable accessibility. Additionally, the combination of a 19-inch front wheel with a 16-inch rear wheel contributes to this impression, achieving a characteristic descending silhouette.

MITT 808 2024

MITT 808 2024 engine

The fascinating family 808 2024as we told you at the beginning, is powered by a 799 cc V-Twin engine cooled by water, which delivers a maximum power of 56 HP at 7,000 rpm. This engine meets the expectations of any motorcycle enthusiast, offering enough torque to experience powerful riding sensations, with an impressive maximum torque of 67 Nm at just 5,500 rpm. In the Traveler version, the engine experiences a slight increase in power, reaching 60 HP and 72 Nm respectively.

A highlight is that all of them have a belt final drive, a key detail that guarantees easy maintenance and smooth operation. In addition, all of them can be limited to the A2 license, which significantly expands their reach among the target audience.

MITT 808 2024

MITT 808 2024 equipment

The two long, low exhausts, the overlapping design, the conventional fork gaiters and the chrome fenders are essential elements that contribute to its distinctive personality. In addition, it can be equipped with side saddlebags and a rear backrest to enhance your adventurous spirit on the road.

The instrumentation adopts a minimalist and fully digital approach, highlighting the gear indicator. The entire lighting system is made up of LED technology, adding a modern and contemporary touch.

A crucial component of its design is the 13-litre capacity of the teardrop-shaped fuel tank, which not only fulfills a practical function, but also contributes to its clean and elegant aesthetic.

MITT 808 2024

MITT Big Foot 808 2024

The denomination “Big Foot” of the 808 2024 It derives from its 240 section rear tire, specially manufactured by CST. This feature positions it as one of the few motorcycles on the market equipped with a tire of such width, generating an instant aesthetic impact.

The rear wheel is 17 inches, while the front is 19 inches, contributing to the imposing visual presence. The bike's silhouette looks even more authentic thanks to the Bobber-style rear fender, which wraps around the wheel with minimal surface area. The 808 Big Foot 2024 It has an imposing presence thanks to the massive presence of the black color, and at the same time, also sophisticated thanks to the all-LED lighting.

MITT 808 Traveler 2024

Its seat is located just 720 mm from the ground, allowing for simple and intuitive driving thanks to a very low center of gravity. The instrumentation is small, spherical and digital, strengthening the most modern side of its groundbreaking cruiser proposal. It shares the 13-liter tank with the 808 that gives so much personality to the set, as well as the long exhausts that reaffirm the proposal «long and low«.

MITT Traveler 808 2024

This variant is the most cruiser, a traveling motorcycle by definition that offers exceptional load capacity and comfort. Inspired by the North American west coast machines of the 80s, it stands out as the most powerful within the line of MITT.

MITT 808 Traveler 2024

The large surface area offered by the front screen integrated into a wrap-around fairing guarantees good protection, and is combined with a wide seat to provide maximum comfort. On this occasion, the person behind has it even better. It has an authentic sofa thanks to a high seat with armrests that completely envelops you and ensures many kilometers enjoying the most absolute pleasure.

As a distinctive feature, on this motorcycle you can ride listening to music thanks to an audio system that is supported by several speakers distributed throughout the bike. Traveler 808 2024.

MITT 808 Traveler 2024

Among the distinctive equipment of this model, the instrumentation stands out. It is a large TFT screen where you can check numerous parameters, such as tire pressure. Of course, it has full connectivity and has direct functions for call management in the backlit pinecones.

Among its exuberant equipment, several USB sockets and even a front video camera stand out. In the case of the 808 Traveler 2024 The suspensions are different from the rest of the range. At the front we find an inverted fork and, at the rear, two hydraulic shock absorbers adjustable depending on load.

MITT 808 Traveler 2024

In fact, it is a motorcycle with an excellent predisposition to carry luggage thanks to the two suitcases and the large rear trunk that has integrated lighting. This traveling character is confirmed by a 20-liter capacity fuel tank.

In this case, the wheels are 17 inches and the tires combine a 140 front section with a 200 rear section to easily support the dimensions of the motorcycle and all the load for which it is prepared. The seat is located 750 mm from the ground to facilitate handling in any situation.

Its very long, chrome exhausts stand out, enhancing the feeling of a monumental, low motorcycle that perfectly recreates the bagger style.

MITT 808 Traveler 2024

MITT 808 2024 family colors

  • MITT 808: Gray.
  • MITT 808 Big Foot: Black color.
  • MITT 808 Traveler: Black color.

MITT 808 2024

Price and availability of the MITT 808 2024 family

The availability of the range MITT 808 It is immediate, you just have to go to the nearest dealer and make your choice.

  • MITT 808 Price: 8,295 euros.
  • MITT 808 Big Foot Price: 9,295 euros.
  • MITT 808 Traveler price: 11,995 euros.

MITT 808 2024

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