Morbidelli is reborn from its ashes after the purchase by MBP Motos

MBP Moto recently announced the acquisition of the legendary Morbidelli brand. The initiative marks a new chapter in the history of MBP Moto, supported by the extraordinary sporting and image legacy of the Pesaro brand.

The merger between the two brands, which gives rise to the creation of the brand, aims to redefine the contours of motorcycling excellence and fascinate motorcyclists around the world.

Morbidelli MBP: Innovation, craftsmanship, passion and Italian style

Dante BustosCMO of Keeway Group explains: “This acquisition is a testament to MBP Moto’s aspiration for excellence in the motorcycle industry. “We are delighted to welcome a historic premium brand like Morbidelli to our family.”

Concludes: “It will allow us to combine the heritage of racing and Made in Italy craftsmanship with our vision for the future of motorcycling. “Our passion for innovation, combined with Morbidelli’s rich heritage, will lead to the creation of motorcycles with an unrivaled combination of performance, design and history.”

Morbidelli is reborn from its ashes after the purchase by MBP Motos

Under the Morbidelli MBP slogan “Beyond the Ride”, The brand aims to offer motorcyclists a driving experience, but above all a travel experience, in which the road and the motorcycle are the bridges that unite people and horizons in the name of passion, adventure and freedom.

The new Morbidelli range will be made up of road and crossover motorcycles from 125 cc to 1,000 cc, and scooters between 125 cc and 500 cc. The first launches will initially affect Europe, the United States and China, and will continue in all countries where the Keeway Group is present.

Morbidelli is reborn from its ashes after the purchase by MBP Motos

The product portfolio will also include an initial range of electric motorcycles and scooters from the first half of 2025. Investments and strategy are long term. It will be created in Bologna “Morbidelli Style Center” and a new Research and Development Center to explore new technologies and the world, in the name of the legacy and passion of Giancarlo Morbidelli.

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