If 1:1 scale puzzles are your thing, this iconic RG500 may interest you

Does a RG500 1986 in the form of a restoration project? Well, if the answer is yes, keep an eye on these lines because you can get a copy at a really good price at the event. “Stafford's Spring Sale”, that Bonhams will carry out next April 20th.

Without a doubt we are looking at a little piece of Suzuki history, but also of the world of competition, since this RG500 was based on the mount with which the charismatic Barry Sheene He won two world titles in 1976 and 1977 respectively.

We are talking about a real replica racer which in its day represented the pinnacle in terms of performance and sportiness, and which is currently the object of desire of fans and collectors from all over the world. However, the prices at which the few copies that go on sale move are truly prohibitive for most mortals.

This is among other issues because currently there are very few RG500s left fighting, to which is added the unconditional support of many lovers of Old School frames, especially the high-performance 2T frames, unviable in today's world where The “green religion” operates in an ironclad manner.

In any case, and to know all the technical details about the RG500 and especially because it has become a mass icon, you can take a look at this article in which we talk about it in more depth: Suzuki RG500 Gamma.

1986 Suzuki RG500 for sale in detail

Really what we can acquire at the Bonhams event is a RG500 project. A completely disassembled and almost complete motorcycle, waiting for someone to work its magic and return it to the road, or the tracks, places it should never have left. As specified in the sales announcement itself:

If 1:1 scale puzzles are your thing, this iconic RG500 may interest you

“This RG500 was purchased by the late owner in 1990 and used on many trips, including a memorable trip to the Isle of Man. The bike was in dry storage for many years until the late owner began rebuilding it in early 2023. “The engine was removed and taken to world-renowned two-stroke expert, Stan Stevens, for a complete rebuild.”

“The invoice for Stan Stevens' work is on file and the engine is ready to be reassembled into the chassis. A fault with the swing arm was discovered (a known fault) and a good replacement was sought. “A fantastic opportunity to complete the restoration of these increasingly popular Suzuki two-strokes, offered with a V5 and the aforementioned Stan Stevens invoice.”

If 1:1 scale puzzles are your thing, this iconic RG500 may interest you

For more information and details, but above all to try to make a dream come true, here we leave you the link to the official Bonhams website where in just a couple of days this incredible will be auctioned. RG500 with a lack of much affection… Good luck!

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