The Cyclone AQS 401 is a bobber with a button shift and groundbreaking aesthetics

Zongshen recently presented, at a national distributor convention in China, its new Cyclone AQS 401. A custom with a marked bobber style that stands out mainly for the adoption of an automated manual shifting system. Hence the acronym AQS, “Automatic Quick Shift”.

Aesthetically, as we already mentioned with respect to the Cyclone RA 600, the Chinese brand is clearly inspired by the existing model lines to give the definitive shape to this Cyclone AQS 401. Specifically in those that describe the silhouette of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S.

Cyclone AQS 401: “Automatic Quick Shift”

In the same way and as we could observe with the RA 600, this Cyclone AQS 401 It uses separate side covers on its fork simulating a Hossack-type suspension system. Other peculiarities of its chassis are the addition of a double braking disc, one per axle, or the mounting of 17” inch wheels.

These come shod with tires measuring 130/70-17 and 150/70-17, front and rear respectively. For its part, the tubular steel chassis is combined with a double-arm rear swingarm made of aluminum and to which two lateral shock absorbers are anchored as a suspension at the rear.

In any case, the greatest innovation that the new Zongshen model shows is its innovative transmission system, where the six-speed box lacks mechanical actuators, clutch lever and standard gear lever. Instead we find cams to up and down gears on the handlebar pins.

In addition, it has the option of using it as a fully automatic transmission or in sequential mode, being able to activate this last function from the left pineapple. The main advantages over a dual-clutch automatic transmission, such as the DCT, are, for example, the lower weight and size of the system compared to it.

Cyclone AQS 401, Zongshen's new bobber that debuts an innovative shifting system

Mechanically, the new Cyclone AQS 401 It carries the well-known 401 cc in-line twin-cylinder engine with liquid cooling and 4 valves per cylinder that is used, for example, to power its range sister, the Cyclone RA 401. The result is 45 HP of power at 9,500 rpm and a maximum declared torque of 37 Nm at 8,000 revolutions.

In the technological section, the Cyclone AQS 401As we have learned from our colleagues at Motorrad Online, it would be equipped with dual-channel ABS, a skid control system (TCS) or a complete full-color TFT instrument panel. Also notable is the Full-LED lighting, its single-seat seat and the exhaust system with double upper side outlet.

Cyclone AQS 401, Zongshen's new bobber that debuts an innovative shifting system

Its launch in China is scheduled for this year, although the approximate final price of this product is not yet known. Cyclone AQS 401. There is also no evidence that the Asian brand ends up marketing the model in Europe.

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