MotoGP Jerez 2024: TV, information and schedules

Two weeks that have seemed endless. After the GP of the Americas it is the turn of the Spanish Grand Prix and Jerez is celebrating to host one of the closest and most spectacular seasons in recent times. If you don't want to miss anything about MotoGP Jerez 2024, we'll tell you how you can see everything, also openly, and the schedules.

If you have your ticket to enjoy the 2024 Spanish GP or if you are going to experience it from home, you have to be well prepared, because this weekend promises strong emotions after what we have seen at the start of the season. It has always been said that the Motorcycle World Championship started when we arrived in Jerez, but the truth is that the first three rounds of the season and the amount of points at stake with the Sprint Races mean that saying is no longer so true: everything counts. .

It counts for the drivers who are being the dominant ones at the beginning of the season and it counts for those for whom things are not going as planned. In fact, we arrived at the Spanish GP with Jorge Martín very much in the lead, so much so that he has a 21-point advantage over Enea Bastianini, 24 over Maverick Viñales and 26 over Acosta. None of the three most direct pursuers were, a priori, the rivals that we all expected for Martín at the start of the season and they will not only have to close the gap on Martín but also on them because they are showing themselves to be very solid.

There is no doubt that Pecco Bagnaia and Brad Binder have not started as expected of them, nor has Marco Bezzecchi, but they will have a new opportunity this weekend to begin to correct the mistakes of the first three GPs. The Jerez Circuit, the first of the old school to visit the championship so far this season, could be the turning point for them or could finish cementing the leadership that we have seen so far from Martín.

But even so, the spotlight will focus on other drivers and Dani Pedrosa returns once again to his talisman circuit as a guest and after his great performances in 2023 we will all be attentive to what the Catalan can do. He is not going to have it easy at all, the years do not pass in vain (he is already 38) but he still has speed and internally we all hope that, finally, the long-awaited podium as a guest driver will arrive.

The problem for Pedrosa and the rest is that there are two other proper names that may finally emerge. One is Pedro Acosta, with a start to the season from less to more but without making serious mistakes and scoring points in all the races, both those on Saturdays and those on Sundays. Every weekend Acosta continues to learn and surprise. And while Acosta surprises, Marc Márquez is fine-tuning the Ducati, with which he is more competitive every day and the only one capable of standing out with the GP23 when the 2024 bikes are clearly superior in competitiveness.

The 2024 season is being highly contested from the first moment

Where to watch MotoGP Jerez 2024

If we normally don't have free options to watch MotoGP this weekend is going to be radically different. Watching MotoGP Jerez 2024 will be a matter of choosing where and how, because DAZN will allow you to register to watch it live without having to subscribe, just by creating an account.

But in addition, La Sexta will broadcast all the training sessions and races of the weekend live, making MotoGP once again enjoyed openly and for all audiences on general television.

And, as always, in addition to DAZN, which whoever has its pack will not notice any variation, we have and its videopass, so as we said, we can see Pedrosa's lap, Martín's leadership, Acosta's progression and the rest of The emotions that await us in Jerez will only be a matter of choosing how to see it.

MotoGP prepares for the fourth GP of the year and the first to be broadcast openly

MotoGP Jerez 2024 schedules

For the first time this season we will have 100% normal schedules, with training and races with the European hours to which we are accustomed. As always, Moto3 will open the curtain and MotoGP will be the one to lower it.

Friday April 26

09:00-09:35 – Moto3™ – Free Practice
09:50-10:30 – Moto2™ – Free Practice
10:45-11:30 – MotoGP™ – Free Practice Nr. 1
13:15-13:50 – Moto3™ – Practice Nr. 1
14:05-14:45 – Moto2™ – Practice Nr. 1
15:00-16:00 – MotoGP™ – Practice

Saturday April 27

08:40-09:10 – Moto3™ – Practice Nr. 2
09:25-09:55 – Moto2™ – Practice Nr. 2
10:10-10:40 – MotoGP™ – Free Practice Nr. 2
10:50-11:05 – MotoGP™ – Qualifying Nr. 1
11:15-11:30 – MotoGP™ – Qualifying Nr. 2
12:50-13:05 – Moto3™ – Qualifying Nr. 1
13:15-13:30 – Moto3™ – Qualifying Nr. 2
13:45-14:00 – Moto2™ – Qualifying Nr. 1
14:10-14:25 – Moto2™ – Qualifying Nr. 2
15:00 – MotoGP™ – 12 laps – Sprint

Sunday April 28

09:40-09:50 – MotoGP™ – Warm Up
11:00 – Moto3™ – 19 laps – Race
12:15 – Moto2™ – 21 laps – Race
14:00 – MotoGP™ – 25 laps – Race

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