Startup Vammo introduces battery exchange system in Brazil

The Brazilian startup Let's go expands its commercial network in the local market thanks to the recent raising of 30 million dollars from external investors who bet on the company's ideas. The main idea is to achieve a wide network of battery exchange stations for electric motorcycles throughout Latin America.

According to TechCrunch, Vammo affirms that its clients would have already traveled more than 4 million kilometers and they would have carried out about 150,000 battery exchanges over the last ten months. Really important figures that try to follow in the footsteps of other companies in the sector such as Gogoro.

Vammo becomes a benchmark for e-mobility in Brazil

Like the latter, Vammo's patented battery system is compatible with models from leading brands in the sector such as Niu and Supersoco. With 8 interchange stations in São Paulo, Vammo intends to inaugurate 250 of these stations throughout 2024.

According to the data managed by Vammo, the majority of users of its exchange stations are delivery professionals who travel about 150 km a day. However, in recent times other types of private users have been added to their customer list who have begun to use electric motorcycles for their daily trips in São Paulo.

Startup Vammo introduces battery exchange system in Brazil

Billy Blaustein COO of Vammo, comments: “We believe that, here in Brazil, this revolution in electric mobility will not happen from the top down, as happened in the rich countries of Europe and the United States, with brands like Tesla.”

Keep going: “Here, it is motorcycles, not cars, that will drive the transition to electric and transform the culture of mobility. “Electric cars are still too expensive for the majority of the population, while our proposal offers a cheaper solution that can interest both millionaires and the low-income class.”

Startup Vammo introduces battery exchange system in Brazil

Concludes: “Brazil's energy matrix is ​​one of the most renewable in the world, with truly sustainable energy generation. “In countries like this, we urgently need to electrify our fleets.”

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