Motorcyclists at the service of the fight against cancer

During the weekend of April 27 and 28, the roads and paths of the French countryside become a procession of motorcycles for a good cause with the event “Une Rose Un Espoir” against cancer. Accompanied by the sound of their horns and exhaust pipes, all attendees travel an attractive route through towns, villages and followed closely by a few vans full of roses. The important thing is to be noticed and distribute flowers for this noble cause.

27 years ago, in Lorraine (France), this initiative was born under the auspices of Bernard Braun, a motorcyclist who faced this disease with his loved ones. Since then, this event has grown exponentially in France, raising millions of euros in donations for the fight against cancer.

This is the event “Une Rose Un Espoir”

Dressed in helmets and leather jackets, participants carry more than just flowers. At each stop, they offer roses in exchange for a minimum donation of 2 euros, contributing entirely to the League Against Cancer to support local actions.

These brief exchanges, full of emotion, leave a deep mark on both those who give and those who receive. Roses, silent witnesses of stories marked by illness, symbolize this exchange full of meaning.

“Une Rose Un Espoir” goes beyond fundraising, although it has exceeded one million euros. This event weaves bonds of brotherhood and humanity, reminding us that behind each helmet there is a heart ready to beat for others.

Participants end the event transformed, enriched by the encounters, the shared stories and, of course, ready to repeat the experience the following year. If you are a motorcycle lover and want to unite your passion with a noble cause, this exceptional human adventure awaits you.

The organizers promise an unforgettable experience, where the fuel is love and hope is transported on two wheels.

Join “Une Rose Un Espoir» is to discover how the essence of two wheels can become a powerful engine of good, helping hope flourish kilometer after kilometer on the roads of our neighboring country.

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